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Aaron and Ruth Wells were early pioneers while Kentucky was still Virginia's frontier. It is recorded that Aaron Wells married Ruth Wiggins on July 31,1790 in Mason County. Kentucky became a state in 1792. Although they were married in the town of Washington or at Kenton's Station by Wm Wood, their homestead was eventually located on Johnson Creek near the Licking River and Blue Licks.

Aaron and Ruth had 15 children who mostly settled in the parts of Mason County which became Nicholas County and later Robertson County. Aaron was a Captain for Simon Kenton's Mason County Company of Spies which patrolled the Ohio River protecting the towns from Indian incursions from North of the Ohio. Ruth's family was from Maryland, where Aaron came from and who his parents were is still a mystery... We do have some hope in solving this though. The worldwide Wells Association is working with us on a DNA project. We've found some relations, but nothing definite.

Aaron Wells Militia Revolutionary War Record?
Found in PA Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File.

Here is a map that shows my estimation of Aaron and Ruth's 100 acre "plantation" near Blue Licks.

Children: Nathan, Elizabeth A., Rachel E., Drucilla & Ruama (twins), Sarah "Sally" W., Nancy, William W., Robert, John W., Ruth, Aaron, Mary "Polly", Daniel & Uriah (twins).

Sketch of Wells homestead.

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WELLS Family Reunion

Aaron and Ruth (Wiggins) Wells married July 31, 1790 in Mason County. All descendents and associated families welcome to join us on August 20, 2017; at Blue Licks State Resort Park Lodge; for a concert by our own Jonathan Hagee at 12:00 noon (not st the lodge/shuttle available), followed by lunch at the Lodge restaurant (1:00ish).

This is also the Battle of Blue Licks reenactment and festival weekend (free). This is a wonderful time to visit the park. Although it doesn't fit in with our schedule, there is a Sunday Battle reenactment at 1:30. (IF you want to make a weekend of it, there is a battle reenactment on Saturday as well, with several workshops going on, museum, swimming, hiking, etc.)

Click here for more information on the weekend events.

We will have a room reserved off the main dining room. You may want to use the entrance closest to the bridge (off Rt. 68). Go straight through, the back way by the River, to the lodge. We are pretty informal and should be finished before 3pm.

If you have something to share with the group, we'll be glad to hear from you! Please contact Jon Hagee. 8S9-23O-5l94 (leave a message)

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