Newsletter #29????????????????????????????????????????????????????/span>???????????????????????????????????? January 2002


Aaron Wells and Ruth Wiggins were married 31 July (bond), 3 August (ministerís return), 1790. Children: Nathan, Elizabeth A., Rachel E., Drucilla & Ruama, Sarah ďSally?W., Nancy, William W., Robert, John W., Ruth, Aaron, Mary ďPolly? Daniel & Uriah.?




Wells Family Reunion

Sunday, July 21, 2002

11:00 a.m.?:00 p.m.


North Central 4-H Center

Carlisle, Kentucky


Message from the President


DNA Project Update


Dear Wells cousins,


DNA tests have been around for many years, but it's been only in the last year or so that ordinary people could afford their own genetic family profile.

There are two types of tests, maternal and paternal lines. Samples bring you a series of numbers that represent key chemical "markers" within your DNA.

We are hoping that our participation in the DNA project will soon give us some indication of what major Wells family our Aaron is from. Maybe as soon as our July meeting! In any case, I want to thank our cousins who participated. Your help is much appreciated!

Personal Update

I have been appointed the Lieutenant Representative of Kentucky for the Coalition of Historical Trekkers. This is an organization made up of "living historians" who want to take their research a step further. We collect our rifles, moccasins, outfits and gear and hit the woods and historic sites, living as much as possible as our ancestors for a few days or weeks.

Your Cousin,

Jon Hagee



Treasurerís Report


Dear Cousins,


Once again we are well into the New Year. May we wish each of you a happy, healthy and prosperous year.


It is not too early to think about our reunion in July and to work on some of those crafts that many of you do so well. There is always much interest shown in this activity. We value the items that we have obtained in the past and certainly have fond memories of those who made them.


We will accept any donation for the newsletter. We do not have as many people attend the reunion as in the?past; therefore, our donations are down considerably. At this time we have $974.86 in the treasury.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty Jo Wells



Letter from the Editor


Welcome to all the new subscribers to our newsletter, and thanks to all of you who have contributed items and information ?Carroll Curtis, Wendell Curtis, Dixie Fuller, Ronda Haley, Connie Hazeltine, Marilyn Hill, Dorothea Leonard, Jane Roane and Bessalee Robinson.


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Patricia Roane Straube

Newsletter Editor




Descendants of

Elizabeth Ashcraft Wells


Ruth Wiggins, daughter of William Wiggins and Elizabeth Ashcraft Wells, married John Claypool?on June 25, 1829 in Nicholas County. Sometime after the birth of their youngest child in 1851, they moved to Vermilion County, Illinois where John died in 1856.


The Heritage of Aaron Wells and Ruth Wiggins was indebted for much of the information we have about the Claypool branch of our family to The Claypoole Family in America, Vol. II by Evelyn Claypool Bracken with additional information from Don Claypool, Robert Claypool, Joseph Gardner, Birt Hittle, Dale Hoover and Lewis Leonard.


Thanks to contributions by Association member, Dorothea Leonard, and Internet sources such as the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index at: and Susan Allison-Willmottís Vermilion County, Illinois database at:, new information has been gathered on many other descendants of Ruth Wiggins Claypool. In fact, so much, that there isnít room for everything in the newsletter. Anyone wishing?an update of the Claypool branch of the family may get in touch with the editor.


Descendants of William W. Wells


Ruth Wells Dotson


The Heritage of Aaron Wells and Ruth Wiggins states that Ruth Wells married John Dotson. The marriage records of Nicholas County, the Federal Censuses and Robertson County Cemetery Records all indicate that her husbandís name was Samuel M. Dotson.?See page 8 of this newsletter for an expanded and updated entry .


Elizabeth Wells Mitchell


Elizabeth Wells married James Mitchell in Nicholas County, Kentucky and apparently moved away. Lucy Thompson was told that they had a daughter Dora who married a man named Jetter. Fortunately, this one clue was enough to track down the family. The International Genealogical Index lists Dora A. Mitchel marrying Fernando Jeter 21 January 1877 in Audrain Co., Missouri. They were still there in the 1880 Census when they were enumerated living next door to her parents. Both Fernando and Dora are found in the cemetery records of neighboring? Randolph Co., Missouri. James and Elizabeth Mitchell were also in Audrain Co. in 1870. Interestingly, the daughter born in 1857 was named Matilda in that census. It appears that her name was changed?to Dora at some point. Maybe Matilda was considered too old-fashioned.


34. Elizabeth Wells b. abt 1836-37, Kentucky, (daughter of William W. Wells and Matilda Collins) m. 17 Jan 1854, in Nicholas Co., KY, James Mitchell, b. abt 1831-1832, Kentucky, d. aft 1880.?Elizabeth died aft 1880.


+??? i??? Dora A. Mitchell b. 6 Jan 1857.

?????ii???William Mitchell b. abt 1859, Kentucky.

?????iii?? Reuben Mitchell b. abt 1862, Kentucky.

?????iv?? Ulysses Mitchell b. abt 1864-1865, Kentucky.

?????v???George Mitchell b. abt 1866-1867, Ohio.

?????vi?? Mary Mitchell b. abt 1874, Missouri.


Second Generation


i?? Dora A. Mitchell b. 6 Jan 1857, Kentucky, m. 21 Jan 1877, in Audrain Co., MO, Fernando Jeter, b. 20 Dec 1856, Virginia, d. 17 Aug 1917, buried: Oakland Cemetery, Randolph Co., MO.?Dora died 5 Jan 1917, buried: Oakland Cemetery.


?????i?? Ives Jeter b. _ Oct 1877, Missouri.


Daniel Boone Wells


The following new information (in italics) comes from the?1900 Federal Census of Petoskey, Emmet County, Michigan taken on the 9th of June. The family lived on Main Street near Recreation Park in a rented house with two boarders. Leonia had already left home.


38.??? Daniel Boone Wells b. 10 Mar 1849, Kentucky, (son of William W. Wells and Matilda Collins) m. 13 Oct 1882, in Echo Twp., Antrim Co., MI, Sarah Ethel McKay, b. abt 1865, Canada.?Daniel died 20 Dec 1932, Michigan.?Seven children had been born and five were living. All were born in Michigan. Sarah Ethel McKay's parents were born in Scotland and she had lived in the US for 22 years.


+??? 112.?? i????? Leonia May Wells b. 19 Jul 1883.

???????????ii?????Elizabeth Wells b. _ Sep 1887.

?/span>+???113.?? iii???? Bellfinia Wells b. _ May 1890.

?/span>+???114???iv???? Hazel Wells b. 25 Apr 1892.1

?/span>+???115???v?????Marie Wells b. _ Apr 1894.


1 The Heritage of Aaron Wells and Ruth Wiggins gives a birth year of 1893 while both the census and the Social Security Death Index give the year as 1892.


Descendants of Uriah Wells



The Maysville Eagle

November 16, 1881, Mason County, Kentucky


Died in Robertson county, Hillery Taylor, aged 87, and Uriah Wells, aged 70 exactly to a day, deceased.


Well, not exactly. Uriah Wells was born 27 October 1811 and died 9 November 1881. Hilary Taylor was born 22 September 1793 in Maryland, the son of John L. Taylor and Ruth Bailey, and died 25 October 1881. He is buried in the Kentontown Cemetery. He married Melinda Alexander. Besides sharing a death notice with Uriah Wells, four of his descendants married four of Uriah's.


Thomas Jefferson Taylor3 [Jasper2, Hilary1], b. 26 Oct 1872, Robertson Co., KY, m. 12 Feb 1907, in Robertson Co., KY, Florence Mattie Wells4, b. 29 Nov 1882, Robertson Co., KY, (daughter of Daniel W. Wells3 [Uriah2, Aaron1] and Anna Elizabeth McGraw) d. 21 Apr 1960, Mason Co., KY.?Thomas died 8 Dec 1944, Mason Co., KY.


Ethel Taylor3 [Newton P.2, Hilary1], b. 18 Feb 1880, Robertson Co., KY, m. 2 Aug 1899, in Robertson Co., KY, Estill Curtis4, b. 17 Dec 1870, (son of Salathiel Curtis and Elizabeth A. Wells3 [Uriah2, Aaron1] ) d. 10 Jan 1933, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Ethel died 18 Nov 1935, buried: Piqua Cemetery.


William Grover Burns4, [Lucius D.3, Amanda Taylor2, Hilary1], b. 18 Dec 1885, m. (1) 8 Feb 1905, in Robertson Co., KY, Sallie A. Overbey4, b. 25 Nov 1886, (daughter of Oscar Perry Overbey and Mariah Wells3 [Uriah2, Aaron1] )d. _ Aug 1935, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY, m. (2) Edith Truman Insko, b. 24 Feb 1889, (daughter of Daniel Crawford Insko and Louisa Owens Hester) d. 27 Aug 1972, Mason Co., KY.?William died 3 Jul 1963, Robertson Co., KY, buried: Piqua Cemetery.


Emma Maye Burns4, [Lucius D.3, Amanda Taylor2, Hilary1], b. 13 Aug 1894, m. 2 Dec 1914, in Maysville, Mason Co., KY, Mitchell Calmes Wells5, b. 4 Nov 1894, (son of David Riley Wells4 [Mordecai3, William W.2, Aaron2] and Mary Elizabeth Overbey4 [Mariah3, Uriah2, Aaron1] ) d. 11 Feb 1938, Robertson Co., KY, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Emma died 4 Sep 1970, buried: Piqua Cemetery.


A Lexington Mother on ďWar?


written by Florence Wells Taylor circa 1934

submitted by Ronda Taylor Haley


Editor, The Lexington Herald:

? In this morningís paper I read your editorial ďOn the Way to War.?Being a layman as to writing 1 hesitate to write an article, but being an American citizen and a mother of three sons ranging in age from 20 to 27 1 feel 1 have a right to state things as I see them.

? Those who hold the idea that there is profit in war are those whom war has touched only in their pocketbooks. All clear-thinking people know that furtherance of selfish desires and greed for gain has caused more wars than real patriotism ever has or ever will cause.

? We teach our growing children not to be aggressive but to be ever ready to defend their rights, personal, state and national. But what has that to do with such phrases as we occasionally hear voiced at present We are told ďAmerica will profit by another war.?

? I was on a farm back in the days of 1916. We gathered at county seats where recruiting officers made? flowery speeches and bugles played martial music. We all felt very patriotic and went home to knit and tear sheets. We felt we were going to be so brave in doing what we were persuaded to believe was our duty.

? It was an undisputed privilege to listen in whenever the telephone rang and calls began to come in for?????this boy and that one, the brightest and best specimen of manhood in our neighborhood. And in every other community in this land the same scene was being enacted.

? None but those who went through with it can know how our knees trembled and our hearts seemed almost to stop beating at each call till within a radius of two miles twelve were gone. And now of the twelve possible three are at home normal. One was buried where poppies blow; three were buried with military honors in the home cemetery; one, my brother-in-law, lies in soldiers?row here in Lexington; three are nervous wrecks and my own brother has just returned home after an eighteen months?stay at Veterans hospital.

? Did they die or wreck their lives in vain? Who can say that the world is any safer for Democracy? It calls to mind the old song composed in tribute to a mother: ďA motherís gift to her countryís cause. Is a story yet untold. She had three sons, three only ones. Each worth his weight in gold.?o:p>

? Note: Florenceís brother, Charles Burgess Wells born 25 June 1887, served in WWI, died 23 March 1961 at Lexington Veterans Hospital and is buried in the National Cemetery, Nicholasville. He never fully recovered from the effects of war. His condition was described as ďShell Shock.?/i>


Descendants of Rachel E. Wells

(Includes Descendants of Drucilla, Nancy and Uriah Wells)

Continued and updated from the January 2000 issue:


1.???? John D. Wells b. abt 1825, Clermont Co., OH, (son of John D. Wells and Rachel E. Wells) m. (1) 25 Feb 1851, Martha A. Ward, b. abt 1830, (daughter of Andrew Ward and Nancy Wells) d. bef 1861, m. (2) 30 Aug 1861, in Nicholas Co., KY, Elizabeth Mitchell, b. abt 1833, Kentucky, (daughter of William Mitchell and Drucilla Wells) d. bef 1868, m. (3) 1 Aug 1868, in Robertson Co., KY, Elizabeth R. Jett, b. 14 Jul 1828, Kentucky, (daughter of Samuel Jett and Sarah Walker) d. 13 Jul 1919, Bracken Co., KY. Elizabeth R. Jett was the widow of William T. Underwood who died 9 Nov 1858 in Bracken Co., KY at the age of 34.

???????????????????Children by Martha A. Ward:

??????/span>+? 2.?????i????Levi Owens Wells b. 28 Nov 1851.

???????????????????Children by Elizabeth Mitchell:

????????3.?????ii??? Matilda Wells b. 9 Aug 1866, Kentucky, m. 28 Mar 1900, in Bracken Co., KY, Dimmitt Griffith, b. abt 1876, Bracken Co., KY, d. 16 Jun 1937, Bracken Co., KY.?Matilda died 4 Jun 1919, Bracken Co., KY.

???????????????????Children by Elizabeth R. Jett:

??????/span>+? 4.?????iii???Sarah "Sallie" Wells b. 15 Aug 1869.

??????/span>+? 5.?????iv???Mary M. Wells b. _ Apr 1871.


Second Generation


2.???? Levi Owens Wells b. 28 Nov 1851, Clermont Co., OH, m. Lydia C. Kabler, b. 25 Jun 1857, Mason Co., KY, (daughter of Joseph Daniel Kabler and Elizabeth Insko) d. 5 Dec 1933, Campbell Co., KY.?Levi died 7 Nov 1921, Campbell Co., KY, buried: Augusta, Bracken Co., KY.


????????6.?????i????Damascus Wells b. 25 Sep 1875, Robertson Co., KY, d. 1 Jun 1876, Robertson Co., KY.

????????7.?????ii??? Fannie G. Wells b. _ Jan 1879, Kentucky.

????????8.?????iii???William O. Wells b. _ Feb 1882, Kentucky.

????????9.?????iv???Elijah A. Wells b. _ May 1884, Kentucky.


4.???? Sarah "Sallie" Wells b. 15 Aug 1869, Bracken Co., KY, m. (1) 27 Sep 1891, in Bracken Co., KY, William Thomas Peed, b. abt 1870, Kentucky, (son of Daniel Webster Peed and Rebecca Jett) d. abt 1899, m. (2) 3 Feb 1910, in Germantown, Bracken Co., KY, Ora Wells, b. 6 Oct 1870, Sardis, Mason Co., KY, (son of Christopher Columbus Wells and Elizabeth Angeline Overbey) d. 20 Feb 1941, Bracken Co., KY.?Sarah died 5 Feb 1957, Bracken Co., KY.

???????????????????Children by William Thomas Peed:

????????10.????i????Martha Florance Peed b. 11 May 1894, Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, m. 23 Dec 1911, in Bracken Co., KY, John Ware.

????????11.????ii??? Matilda Peed b. 25 Feb 1895, Bracken Co., KY, m. 17 Apr 1916, in Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, Calvert Case, b. 28 May 1894, Bracken Co., KY, (son of Lawrence Case and Amanda Frances King) d. 28 Jul 1985, Chatham, Bracken Co., KY, buried: Brooksville IOOF Cem., Bracken Co., KY.?Matilda died 31 Dec 1974, Lexington, Fayette Co., KY, buried: Brooksville IOOF Cem., Bracken Co., KY.

????????12.????iii???Maud Peed b. 9 Apr 1896, Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, m. 12 Jan 1918, in Bracken Co., KY, Elbert Cooper.

????????13.????iv???William Webster Peed b. 3 Jun 1898, Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, m. 3 Oct 1918, in Bracken Co., KY, Audrey Neal Jett, b. 21 Mar 1900, Robertson Co., KY, (daughter of Zachariah T. Jett and Phoebe Elizabeth Linville) d. 20 Jun 1973, Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., OH, buried: Brooksville IOOF Cem., Bracken Co., KY.?William died 11 Mar 1969, Maysville, Mason Co., KY, buried: Brooksville IOOF Cem., Bracken Co., KY.


5.???? Mary M. Wells b. _ Apr 1871, Robertson Co., KY, m. (1) 29 Nov 1890, in Bracken Co., KY, Thomas Neal, b. abt 1857, Bracken Co., KY, m. (2) 16 Nov 1898, in Bracken Co., KY, Charles C. Jett, b. _ Jan 1868, Bracken Co., KY.? Mary died 10 Mar 1958, Bracken Co., KY.

???????????????????Children by Thomas Neal:

??????+?14.????i????Madeline Neal b. 28 Mar 1892, Kentucky, m. Ayrus Jett, b. 26 Jul 1893, Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, (son of Hiram Jett and Lydia Hamilton) d. 1 Jul 1940, Campbell Co., KY. ?/span>Madeline died 24 May 1976, Campbell Co., KY.

????????15.????ii??? Lydia Neal b. _ Feb 1894, Kentucky.

???????????????????Children by Charles C. Jett:

????????16.????iii???Emma E. Jett b. 4 Oct 1900, Bracken Co., KY, m. 5 Oct 1937, in Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY, Owen Wells, b. 14 Feb 1883, Robertson Co., KY, (son of Christopher Columbus Wells and Elizabeth Angeline Overbey) d. 7 Mar 1943, Christian Co., KY, buried: Brooksville, Bracken Co., KY.?Emma died 11 Aug 1967, Mason Co., KY.


Descendants of William W. Wells

Ruth Wells Dotson



33.??? Ruth Wells b. 3 Feb 1834, Kentucky, (daughter of William W. Wells and Matilda Collins) m. 15 Aug 1858, in Nicholas Co., KY, Samuel M. Dotson, b. 17 Jan 1829, Kentucky, (son of John W. Dotson) d. 3 Nov 1896, buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Ruth buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY (no date on stone).


??????/span>+? 108.???i????John W. Dotson b. abt 1863.

??????/span>+? 109.???ii??? Matilda Frances Dotson b. 18 Dec 1865.


Second Generation


108.?? John W. Dotson b. abt 1863, Kentucky, m. 1 Apr 1883, in Robertson Co., KY, Mary E. Henderson.


???????????????i????Benjamin Dotson b. _ Jan 1884, Bourbon Co., KY.

???????????????ii??? Claude R. Dotson b. _ Dec 1886, Bourbon Co., KY.

???????????????iii???Ernest H. Dotson b. _ Oct 1896, Bourbon Co., KY.


109.?? Matilda Frances Dotson b. 18 Dec 1865, Kentucky, m. _ Nov 1881, John Samuel Hornbeck, b. 10 Jun 1857, Kentucky, (son of Elliott Darnell Hornbeck and Minerva Jane Barber) d. 8 Feb 1918, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Matilda died 1932, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.


??????+?257.???i????Leslie Marshall Hornbeck b. 13 Nov 1882, m. (1) 25 Jan 1903, in Robertson Co., KY, Sarah Dora Whaley, (daughter of John Thomas Whaley and Hannah Margaret Gifford) m. (2) Edith Marie Petry.

??????+?258.???ii??? Eddie Clifton Hornbeck b. 6 Oct 1886, m. 6 Sep 1911, in Robertson Co., KY, Mamie Gough, b. 25 Aug 1890, (daughter of John W. Gough and Effie A. Wood) d. 5 Sep 1958, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Eddie died 14 Dec 1949, Robertson Co., KY, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.

??????+?259.???iii???Elmer O. Hornbeck b. 6 Mar 1894, m. 22 Mar 1914, in Robertson Co., KY, Roxie Ann Collins.?Elmer died 17 Dec 1972, Robertson Co., KY.

??????+?260.???iv???William Burton Hornbeck b. 22 Nov 1895, m. Phoebe Matilda Linville, b. 11 Jul 1900, (daughter of Benjamin F. Linville and Etna Berry) d. 1 Oct 1980, Fayette Co., KY.?William died 14 Jan 1981, Fayette Co., KY.

??????+??????? v??? Abraham Jennings Hornbeck b. 7 Dec 1897, m. Hazel V. Plummer, b. 31 Dec 1900, (daughter of Dudley Plummer and Anna Laura Curtis) d. 18 Jul 1972, Franklin Co., KY, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.? Abraham died 26 Sep 1947, Fayette Co., KY, buried: Piqua Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.

??????+?261.???vi???Ruth M. Hornbeck b. 8 Nov 1899, m. Ernest Harber, b. 22 May 1897, d. 29 Mar 1966, Robertson Co., KY, buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.?Ruth died 6 Jan 1994, Robertson Co., KY, buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Robertson Co., KY.

???????????????vii?? John B. Hornbeck b. 12 Oct 1901, d. 29 Nov 1990.