December 2002: The final results are in for the Wells DNA project! You may see the data at:

Basically they confirm that Aaron is a relative of the Robert Wells famly and the Zachariah Wells family and that none of them are related to the "old Wells families" of Maryland and Virginia (or anywhere else in the US, for that matter.) There has been a lot of speculation in the past that Aaron was a part of one of these other major Wells families.

We have already published some information about Robert Wells in the past, having already come across evidence that he was part of our Aaron Wells family.

One thing we have noticed about Zachariah. He does have one thing in common with our boys -- he suddenly appears from out of nowhere. We are considering the possibility that they were immigrants themselves or the first generation in America. Zachariah's family has the oral tradition of being Welsh. That would certainly explain why they weren't related to the English Wells. We also think that Scotch-Irish origins are a possibility. This seems to narrow down our search quite a bit. That is very helpful, we have wasted a lot of time looking in the wrong families.

Here are some web pages that mention Zachariah Wells. In light of the new DNA evidence, we'll need to examine these for accuracy, there are some problems:


    Another name that has come up is an Augustine Wells. In each of these families, the common thread seems to be no one knows much about where they came from or their ancestry.

    It's my understanding that there will be further results released in December from Great Britain (UK). Maybe we will learn something there.

    We'll be adding more to this as we go along. The newsletter will have more details. -Jon and Patricia (December, 2002)

    Subject:  DNA Study and new wells lists
      Date:   Thu, 04 Jan 2001 22:22:24 -0800
      From:   "Orin R. Wells" 
    This message is going out to a lot of newly found Wells researchers as well
    as many of you who have been with us for a long time, so please forgive me
    if I repeat information you have already seen.
    If you have no interest in Wells research or do not want to receive further
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    First, for those who have not heard about this before.  The Wells Family
    Research Association in cooperation with the Brigham Young University
    "Molecular Genealogy" project is conducting what I have termed the "Wells
    Special DNA Study".  Through this study we hope to be able to answer a lot
    of long standing quiestions on Wells ancestry for many if not all
    researchers including connecting to English families for many.
    Participation in the project is free.  It will be open to all Wells
    researchers in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  It is
    unlikely that sample collection events will be arranged in other countries.
     We want all descendants who are interested to participate whether they are
    named Wells or not.  This will be a detailed study to find DNA markers
    using both male and female chromosomes etc. and the objective is to find
    the markers that will identify specific ancestors as well as identify
    specific family lines current Wells descendants connect to.  We are
    especially interested in male Wells descendants who carry the Wells name,
    but we want all of you and your relatives who are interested in
    participating.  DNA Samples will not be shared with any insurance company,
    government agency or any other third pary.  Only the BYU project will see this.
    We are currently working on the pedigrees for the primary Wells lines that
    must be in the BYU database before we start collecting samples.  We hope to
    start collecting this month.
    See the following link for more information.
    We have opened up three new Wells discussion lists on RootsWeb which are:
    For UK Wells discussions  We must be boring the English researchers to
    death on this list.  And yet, all of us have English roots (if we could
    only find them).
    For Wells researchers who are in Australia/New Zealand or have connections
    For researchers with Canadian Wells Ancestors or connections.
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    I need to hear from the Australian and New Zealand researchers regarding
    the DNA sampling in their neighborhoods.  The BYU Molecular Genealogy
    project is planning to schedule collection events in Australia and New
    Zealand in the May to June time period.
    If you are not aware of the list, you might want to
    subscribe there.   It is monitored by over 300 Wells researchers with
    knowledge of many different Wells families.  It is one of the best sources
    for answers to your Wells problems.
    If you have not heard from me before, I would like to encourage you to send
    me your mailing address and phone number to help me coordinate the upcoming
    DNA Study.  We need to know where you are located to pick the best cities
    for the collection events.  If you are uncomfortable sending me this
    information, please at least identify what major city you are near.
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