(Captured in raid against Ruddles Station, KY - 1780)

More information on Captain Joseph Conway

John Conway Jr's Story:

This the deposition of John Conway found in Fayette County
Circuit Court "Complete Record Book D" p.318-21.

Deposition of John "Conoway" taken at Paris, June 6, 1808, before Thomas Hughs): Deponent came to Kentucky in 1777 and lived at Boonesborough one an one half years. In the year 1779 I traveled with about 25 men the road from Boonesborough to the Lower Blue Licks. In the spring of 1779 deponent settled at Riddle's station and lived at said station until June 1780. I followed hunting in early times. I was taken [prisoner] at Riddle's station by the British and Indians in June 1780 and carried to Detroit and stayed there until the fall of 1784 and then returned back to Kentucky. At the time I went from Boonesborough to Lower Blue Lick I recollect we crossed Hingston fork and went into big buffalo road that led from Grant's station to the lower Blue Lick at the place known by the name of Ready Money Jack's. I recollect at this time that Colonel Richard Calloway, Colonel Daniel Boone, Cyrus Boone, Joseph Drake, Ephriam Drake, William Buckhammer, Flanders Calloway, Samuel Henderson, James Bell, George Linch, Wiliam Hancock, Jeremiah Price, Thomas Foote, James Mankins were with me on trip to Lower Blue Lick. We returned home on trace that crossed Hingston where Millersburg now stands, and where Grant's station now stands.

I'm working on photographing and transcribing the original. This is a short version. -Jon

The Conway family is also mentioned in the Draper Manuscripts 24S:169-176

John Conway's RevWar Pension Application
Jesse Conway's RevWar Pension Application

Transcription of the Conway Family Bibles

Conway Family Documents (RTF format)

Some more Conway Documentation


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     400 acres Virginia Grant on Hinkston Fk, Bk 6, p 369, 9-30-1784 Fayette.
     1000 acres Virginia Grant on Hinkston Fk, Bk 8, p 313, 9-30-1784 Fayette.

.  * Drusillear CONWAY

.  * Mary CONWAY

.  * Samuel CONWAY

.  * John CONWAY (10 AUG 1758) -(15 JUN 1837)
        m. (April 13/15, 1790) Ann SUTTON (ABT 1760-70?) - (?)

.  .  * Mary (Polly) CONWAY (30 MAR 1791) -(?)
        m. (24 APR 1806) Henry OVERBEY (17 JUN 1777) -(?)
        Mary Polly Conway Overby 1850 census  - 60 years old living
        w/William W. Barnett (Arnett?)

.  .  .  * Richard OVERBEY (ABT 1813) - (BETWEEN 1870-80)
           m. (ABT 1836?) Jane MULLIKIN OVERBEY (ABT 1820/23) - (ABT 1901)

.  .  .  .  * James OVERBEY (ABT 1838) -      

.  .  .  .  * Henry C. OVERBEY (c.1839) - (AFT 1894)
.  .  .  .  * Esq. Oscar Perry OVERBEY (1843) - (1924)
              m. (1869) Mariah E. WELLS OVERBEY (1852) - (1921)
.  .  .  .  * Elizabeth Angeline OVERBEY m. Christopher Columbus WELLS
.  .  .  .  * Mary OVERBEY (ABT 1846) -      
.  .  .  .  * William W. OVERBEY (c.1849) -      
.  .  .  .  * Laura B. OVERBEY (06 OCT 1856) - (AFT 1880 census) 
.  .  .  .  * Francis R. OVERBEY (ABT 1859) - (AFT 1880) 

.  .  * Anna CONWAY

.  .  * William CONWAY

.  .  * John CONWAY

.  .  * Elizabeth CONWAY

.  .  * Nathaniel Sutton CONWAY

.  * Elizabeth CONWAY

.  * Jesse CONWAY

.  * Joseph CONWAY

.  * Nancy CONWAY

.  * Sarah/Sally CONWAY

.  * Dulcinea CONWAY (?)

(compliments of Conway researcher Conway W. Snyder)

John  1731-1801 m. Elizabeth Bridgewater  ca.1735-1809
Drusellar     1753
Mary          1755
Samuel        1756
John          1758
Elizabeth     1760  m. W. M. Daugherty
Jessey        1761
Joseph        1763  scalped
Anna          1766
Nancy         1770
Sarah         1773

Samuel  b. 1756, d. 1830, m. Elizabeth Clemings b. 1765; m. Margerry Miller in 1812
Mary       1785  m. Brownfield, d. 1842
Elizabeth  1786
Susanna    1790
Sally      1792d. 1818
Samuel     1794
Anna       1796m. Miller, d. 1866
Benjamin   1799
Darcus     1801
Simeon     1803-1857; m.Mary McRae in 1823, d. 1825
Joseph     1805-1860

John       b. 1758  m. Anna Sutton in 1790
Polly      1791
Anna       1792
William    1793
John       1794
Elizabeth  1797
Nathaniel  1798
Ann        1805

Nathaniel  b. 1798 m. Ann Baker in 1825
John       1827
Elizabeth  1829
Washington 1832
Mary       1835

Simeon         b. 1803  m. Mary b. 1808
Cerylda Jane   1831

The Millers: 7 were born between 1793 and 1806, presumably by a mother
who was born about 1773. Possibilities are Nancy 1770 or Sarah 1773.
Father may have been Abdell Miller, died 1809

Source: Conway W. Snyder

John Conway was born near Dublin, Ireland about 1710. He came to VA about 1730, maybe with a brother, unknown. Elizabeth Bridgewater was born in England about 1735 and lived in Spottsylvania Co, VA. John and Elizabeth married in Henrico Co, VA about 1752. They had four sons and six daughters: Drusillear, Mary, Samuel, John, Elizabeth, Jesse, Joseph, Nancy and Dulcinea. [I have more details on the children, except Dulcinea. -Jon]

Source:Joseph Mann

"John Conway, W 8622, was born in Henrico County, VA, Aug. 10, 1758. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War in the County of Montgomery, VA April or May, 1776. He died June 15, 1837. He applied for a pension living in Nicholas County on May 12, 1834. He stated that he had lived in Nicholas County 34 years and before that in Bourbon County. He was married to Annie Sutton April 15, 1790 in Bourbon County. His children were Polly, Anna, William, John, Elizabeth and Nathaniel Sutton."

Source: "History of Nicholas County" (Joan Weissinger)

Draper MSS, Volume 29, Series Jp18
Birds Expedition - Ruddles and Martins Forts Taken 1780
From Mrs. Rhoda Ground, Warren County, Kentucky.
Trans. Form 325393, October 1844, Icde.

Ruddles station taken June __ 1780 - The Indians first came and attacked the station, were repulsed. Sometime afterward they came again, with canon and attacked, with the canon. An old man Goodnight was killed - Simon Girth and Miajah Calloway were with the enemy. Capt. Ruddles family - John Longs family consisting of himself, wife and five children, John Conaway, wife and seven children -- one of the latter a small boy was scalped, John Denton, wife and one daughter, recollects and perhaps other children; also a family of Sellars.

*Simon Girty was born in Pa. in 1741. At the age of 15 he was captured by the Senecas and lived with them as a prisoner for three years. He was a loyalist and for some reason the Americans regarded him with greater detestation than for other of their foes, and he seems to have returend their feeling in full measure. I have yet to find who Miajah Calloway was.

Some of the prisoners were shortly after released: others were kept in captivity til Wayne's treaty of 1795.

Mrs. Ground, one of the children of J. W. Long, was a small girl when taken, and can give no further particulars.

A fellow Conway researcher writes:

Joseph CONWAY (that moved VA to KY to MO) can be found in quite a lot of papers: "Heritage of the Creve Coeur Area" is a book that covers the general history of Creve Coeur, published for the nations Bicentennial by the City of Creve Coeur. It does mention Joseph CONWAY and family since he was such a big part of the area.

He is mentioned on pg 9 as follows:
In 1780, Joseph Conway was wounded and scalped by an Indian and taken to Detroit as a prisoner. He lived to a ripe old age bearing his scalp wound. His sister, who was captured at the same time, was sold to Indians further west and was not found by her family for many years. John F Darby, whose father and Captain Conway were neighbors in the Bon Homme region says in his "Personal Recollections": "Often, when I was a boy, Captain Conway would come into the house, would I, in my boyish curiosity, creep around his chair to get a good look at the back of his head to see where the Indians had taken off thhe scalp from his head".
Captain Conway received one of the first land grants, in the area in 1798, where Conway Road bears his name.

pg 10 War of 1812. Captain Joseph Conway was the best known officer from this district. Records show that 45 mounted riflemen served under him, defending the area from attack.

pg12 Joseph Conway, Sr. was born in Virginia in 1763. While a boy, his family moved to Kentucky where he took an active part in Indian fighting. One day in 1780 Joseph Conway, then a youth of 17, was in a creek near his home when a sulking Indian shot, wounded and quickly scalped him. The redskin was a scout for a force of British Indians from Detroit. All of the settlers were abducted as prisoners and taken to Detroit. On the way, an elderly woman, Mrs. Wiseman, cared for Joseph's scalp wound. When the years of captivity were over he learned that one of his sisters had been sold to Indians further west; six years later, she was reunited with her family. Captain Conway received one of the first Spanish land grants in St. Louis County in 1798 from Zenon Trudeau. His grant was located in the area called "Bon Homme". Most of the early settlers under Spanish and French rule who received land grants were Protestant colonists from the east. These were men in search of more "elbow-room."

Also from that book: Conway Family Cemetery, Conway Road, west of Woods Mill, at Conway School. Captain Joseph Conway buried here with his numerous family.

Conway Road was named for Captain Joseph Conway, Sr. He owned 200 acres in Township #45 according to an 1862 map by Julius Hitawa.

"Church of the Pioneers" written by Frances Hurd Stadler is A History of Bonhomme Presbyterian Church. Joseph is mentioned in this book also but esp in Chapter IV. Joseph, Jr donated his fathers land to the church. There is a picture of Joseph Jr and his wife, Virginia Lanham CONWAY.

Under Sources Consulted, manuscripts, they have listed the CONWAY Family Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives.

"History of St. Louis Co, MO", Vol I by Wm L Thomas, pg 258, 259 and 115 mention CONWAYs, mostly Conway Road on pg258. Pg 115 lists First Baptist Churchyard, some burials, (John L CONWAY 1903-1969) and original church members, John & Alma CONWAY among others.

Subject: Conway Letters

I received the Conway information from The Historical Society of
Wisconsin. Over the next few weeks I will copy these and send them to
the Ruddlesfort-L list. For now here's a list of what was included,
some of which we already have:

1. Letter of John and Anna [Sutton] Conway to their nephew Joseph Conway,
   February 22, 1834.
      - Mentions deaths of children William and John Conway.
      - Removal to Illinois of Sarah Conway Underwood and her son Rueben.

2. Letter of E. V. Conway to Henry Ogle, Sep 3, 1879.
      - Mentions family matters and that John Darby plans to write about
        the old pioneers to include E. V.'s grandfather Joseph Conway and
        of his scalping.

3. Letter of Dr. Samuel Conway to Henry Ogle, no date.
      - Mentions genealogical research matters and a little about Joseph
        Conway, the writers father.

4. Letter of Dr. Samuel Conway to Henry Ogle, Sep 24, 1903.
      - Thanks Ogle for Conway history and includes birth dates of Joseph
        Conway, Elizabeth Caldwell Conway and their children.

5. Letter of Dr. Samuel Conway to Henry Ogle.
      - Mentions his return from California visiting sisters and his receipt
        of the 1834 Conway letter from them.

6. Letter of Henry Ogle to George Pohlman, Sep 5, 1912.
      - Conway family history.
      - This has the missing 3 paragraph's which talk about Joseph Conway,
        Basil Wells, John Daugherty and Jesse Conway.

7. Letter of Henry Ogle to George Pohlman, July 2, 1912.
      - Conway family history.

8. Letter of George Pohlman to Wisconsin Historical Society, Aug 27, 1917.
      - Letter accompanying the letters donated by Pohlman.

9. Letter of Thomas Underwood to Henry Ogle, Sep 19, 1888.
      - Story about the captivity of Sarah Conway.

10. Letter of Charles Conway to George Pohlman Feb 22, 1912.
      - Conway family history as he knows it.

11. Transcription of Samuel Conway bible in possession of George Pohlman.
      - Bible printed in Brattlleborough, VT by John Holbrook, 1816.

I will copy these as I get the time. Some are not very long. The Henry
Ogle letters are the same as the ones we already have, but I will
check to see if there is anything that wasn't copied before. More

Jim Sellars

Some Conway papers in Virginia

James Madison (b. 1723) married Nelly Conway on 15 September 1749. They were the parents of President James Madison.

Companions of John Conway, Jr.:

CONWAY Cemeteries

Feature Name St County Type Latitude Longitude 7.5' x 7.5' Map ------------------- -- -------------- ------ -------- --------- --------------- Conway Cemetery AL Escambia cemete UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Atmore Conway Cemetery IA Taylor cemete 404518N 0943637W Merle Junction Conway Springs KS Sumner cemete 372313N 0973710W Millerton Cem. Conway Cemetery LA Union cemete 325319N 0922345W Truxno Conway Cemetery MI Emmet cemete 452609N 0845147W Alanson Conway Cemetery MI Livingston cemete 424407N 0840543W Fowlerville Conway Cemetery MI Manistee cemete 442727N 0861323W Bear Lake Conway Cemetery MO Camden cemete 380726N 0923917W Camdenton Conway Cemetery MO Shannon cemete 372209N 0911602W The Sinks Conway Cemetery MO St. Louis cemete 383857N 0903144W Chesterfield Conway Cemetery MS Leake cemete UNKNOWN UNKNOWN Conway Conway Village NH Carroll cemete 435936N 0710329W Conway Cem. Conway Memorial NV Lincoln cemete 373650N 1143133W Caliente Park Veterans Cemetery Conway Cemetery PA Clearfield cemete 411136N 0783818W Sabula

SUTTON Cemeteries

Name State County Type Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map ------------------- -- -------------- ------ -------- --------- Sutton Cemetery AL Barbour cemete 314120N 0854035W Elamville Sutton Cemetery AL Winston cemete 341123N 0872915W Double Springs Sutton Cemetery FL Wakulla cemete 301507N 0842115W Lake Munson Sutton Cemetery IA Jackson cemete 421002N 0904255W Fulton Sutton Cemetery ID Madison cemete 434327N 1114534W Ririe Sutton Cemetery IN Pulaski cemete 410525N 0865018W North Judson SE Sutton Cemetery KS Butler cemete 374418N 0965707W Augusta Sutton Cemetery KS Douglas cemete 384654N 0951643W Lone Star Sutton Cemetery KS Lane cemete 382216N 1003641W Amy SE Sutton Cemetery KS Osage cemete 383235N 0953701W Quenemo Sutton Valley KS Anderson cemete 381952N 0950616W Garnett SE Cem. Sutton Cemetery KY Lincoln cemete 373539N 0843932W Stanford Sutton Cemetery KY Marion cemete 373139N 0852808W Raywick Sutton Cemetery KY Whitley cemete 364903N 0841205W Wofford Sutton Center MA Worcester cemete 420855N 0714550W Worcester S Sutton Town MA Worcester cemete 420746N 0714805W Worcester S Sutton Cemetery MO Iron cemete 371932N 0904025W Des Arc Sutton Cemetery MO Iron cemete 373040N 0903607W Lake Killarney Sutton Cemetery MO Johnson cemete 384333N 0934122W Cornelia Sutton Cemetery MO Wayne cemete 371549N 0902641W Coldwater Sutton Cemetery MS Jefferson Davi cemete 313939N 0895509W New Hebron Sutton Cemetery NC Bladen cemete 343527N 0783042W Elizabethtown S Sutton Cemetery NC Bladen cemete 344123N 0782204W Tomahawk Sutton Cemetery NC Haywood cemete 354416N 0830521W Cove Creek Gap Sutton Cemetery NC Haywood cemete 354424N 0830514W Cove Creek Gap Sutton Cemetery NC Jackson cemete 352336N 0830812W Sylva North Sutton Cemetery NC Swain cemete 352700N 0832349W Bryson City Sutton Cemetery NE Clay cemete 403708N 0975152W Sutton Sutton Hollow NY Greene cemete 421958N 0741939W Ashland Cem. Sutton Cemetery OH Meigs cemete 390143N 0815228W Portland Sutton Cemetery SC Williamsburg cemete 332422N 0794615W Blakely Sutton Cemetery TN Bedford cemete 353350N 0862309W Deason Sutton Cemetery TN Campbell cemete 362206N 0840306W Demory Sutton Cemetery TN Perry cemete 353551N 0875631W Pope Sutton Cemetery TN Sevier cemete 354640N 0831946W Jones Cove Sutton Cemetery TX Hardin cemete 302616N 0943006W Bragg Sutton Cemetery VA Scott cemete 364338N 0822028W Mendota Sutton Cemetery VA Washington cemete 364402N 0820207W Wyndale Sutton Cemetery WV Monongalia cemete 394023N 0800441W Osage

Possibly unrelated CONWAYS

Hiram Conway married Mary Jane Hopper 14 SEP 1839

Miles Withers Conway was trustee (w/Daniel Boone) of Washington, Mason, Co. KY
                     637 acres Virginia Grant on KY River Bk 10, p 519,
                     10-6-1785 Fayette. Also was judge?
   daughter Sarah Conway married Thomas Hord
   Miles Conway married Dulceberry Berry 23 May 1817

Source: Early Fam of E. & SE KY

   May 17, 1777,George Berry married Sarah Conway
Source: Early Virginia Marriages - Fauquier County

> It all began 12 Dec 1726 when Enoch Berry m. Dulcabella Bunbury St.
> Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Va. A Thomas Bunbury (probably brother
> of above Dulcabella, spelled a variety of ways) m. Sarah Broadburn 15
> Oct 1723, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Va. He had a daughter
> Dulcabella who married Withers Conway 21 Sep 1752 St. Paul's Parish,
> Stafford County, Va. Berrys and Conways, probably Bunbury's too,
> migrated to Fauquier and Frederick County before moving to Kentucky.
> George Berry m. Sarah Conway 1777 in Fauquier County, Va. A William
> Berry, we think from Faquier County,  married a Sarah Conway or
> Bunbury, and lived in Mason County, Ky. Daughter Dulcabella m. Nichols
> in 1798. We think all these Berry records lead back to immigrant Henry
> Berry 1650 but hard to untangle and prove.
>Lila Wylie 

> Found in my file a letter from Diana Perrine Coon, 12603 St. Clair
> Dr., Middletown, KY 40243. She wrote about Miles Withers Conway, says
> his brother was John. They were sons of Withers Conway and Withers
> was the son of Christopher Conway and his wife Sarah Withers. Sarah's
> father was John Withers. I'm sure she will have much more details.
>Lila Wylie 
(Miles' brother seems to be another John Conway in the same area
- more later. -Jon)

James Sellars writes:

Kentucky Records Vol II, p. 108, "Bourbon Orders and Depositions"

Deposition Book A (old book found in the basement of the Bourbon County
Court House, by Julia S. Ardery, and placed in office of County Clerk.)

p. 112
November, 1803 - John CONWAY deposeth: he knew Coopers Run 1780, that he
was told of said run by Thos. GILBERT, Jas. MCBRIDE, Thos. STEPHENSON,
who were there before, and states at the time he lived at Bryant's

Nathaniel Sutton Descendants

Query posted by Virginia Easley DeMarce  on Mon, 07 Sep 1998

                               MOCK, WILLIAMS

I am anxious to exchange information concerning the ancestors and
descendants of Nathaniel Sutton, from Culpeper Co., VA, to Bourbon
Co., KY; came between 1787 and 1791. Will written 1818; probated 1820.
I have much data on the younger children who moved to Boone and Pike
Cos., MO. Children first marriage: James Sutton, Nancy Sutton m.
Robert Hill, Betsy Sutton m. Hill; Lucy Sutton m. Jno. Anderson and
Hagady; Anna Sutton m. John Conway; Mary Sutton m. James Cummings;
Sarah/Sally Sutton m. Griffin Kelly.

Children second marriage: Joanna Sutton m. John Stone, Rowland Sutton,
William Sutton m. 1812 Nancy Elgin (my ancestor), Clara Sutton m.
George Mock, Frances Sutton m. Williams, John Sutton, Amos Sutton,
Taliafaro Sutton.

George Rogers Clark Papers Draper Collection University of Wisconsin Reel 5, p. 388 I do certify that John Conway found himself and John Conway Junr. John Conway and Joseph Conway Soldiers in Actual Service Meat from the 10th day of March 1780 till the 24th day of June being 107 days and likewise Meat from the 10th day of April till the 24th day of June being 76 days Each-- James Trabue Coms. Kentucky Riddells Station 24th day of June 1780 Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 09:16:50 EDT From: Here is one of the depositions in the Harrison Co Ky suit 4911 Daniel Barton vs William E Boswell. Taken 28 and 29 July 1812 Also the deposition of Jno Conway of lawful age & being duly sworn, deposith and saith that he resided at Ruddle's station and has been acquainted with Mill creek and its waters since the year 1779, and knows sd creek likewise to have been well known in sd station from its settlement which was in 1779. He has hunted over upon Mill creek and was very well acquainted with this fork, he knew it by the name of Mill creek and did not know of the distinction between the north and south forks. Question by complts. From you knowledge of the designation of water courses among woodsmen would you not call this the south fork and the other main fork the north fork? Ann. I should. Question by same. Have you not been much accustomed to the woods in hunting, exploring and Indian campaigning from your youth, until of late years? Ann. I have while those pursuits were common in this country. Question by same. Do you know any other creek upon the north side of the Kentucky River by the name of Mill creek? Ann. I do not. Question by defts. Was Lee's lick a place of great note in 1781 and 1782. Ann. I can't tell I was a prisoner with the Indians at that time, but prior to my being a prisoner it was a place of notoriety. Question by same. Did not Mill creek run by Lee's lick? Ann. Yes. Question by same. Whether or not was this area below Lee's lick called the south fork on Mills creek only? Ann. I never heard it called any thing but Mill creek. Question by William E Boswell. Was you acquainted with Hickson's station and if you was not what period? Ann. I was aquainted in the year 1779. And further this deposent saith not. Jno Conway his mark. These depositions were taken in the actual area in question and later read in Chancery district in the Circuit Court of Harrison Co KY. Carolyn Kent From: "fredwes" Subject: Re: Nancy CONWAY and WELLS VA and KY Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2000 10:39:34 -0400 Hi, Jon, I now have documentation of the marriage of Nancy CONWAY to Basil WELLS. I have sent a copy to Patricia Wenger and Margaret Bates. Ref: Bounty Land Warrent File 91825-40-50 (National Archives) Nancy WELLS filed for bounty land under the act of 1850. She began the petition from Cole Co., MO 14 Jan.1851: "Nancy Wells, aged about Eighty two years, a resident of the said County of Cole, in the State of Missouri...the widow of Basil Wells, deceased, who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Richard Matson in the First Rifle regiment of the Kentucky Volunteer Militia, commanded the John Allen, Colonel, in the war with Great Britain...1812. That her said husband volunteered in the county of Harrison in the State of Kentucky...and was mustered in ...on or about the 14th day of August AD 1812, ...and was honorably discharged at Frankfort ...on the 27th day of March AD1813... . She further states that she was married to the said Basil Wells, in the County of Bourbon, in said State of Kentucky, on or about the 6th day of June AD 1786, by one David Rankins, a minister of the Gospel, that her said husband died in the County of Gallatin in said State of Kentucky, on or about the 26th day of August AD 1834, and that she is still a widow. She further states that she knows of no public record, and she has no private record of her said marriage, and she further states that when she was married, she was accompanied by a guard of twelve men, armed and mounted, and that they went to the residence of the minister a distance of about two miles, the said Minister, on account of the fear of Indians, refusing to come to her fathers House. She further states that her name before marriage was Nancy Conway. ..." Nancy X Wells (her mark) (CONWAY family history tells that the 9 year old Nancy CONWAY and family were attacked by Indians at Ruddel's Station in 1780, forced marched to Detroit where they were captive for four years, and then made their way back to their former home in Kentucky. By the time of her marriage at age 16 1/2 Nancy was certainly a seasoned frontierswoman and had experienced far more than a sheltered 16 year old back east.) An accompanying deposition made the same date and place,signed by John WELLS, Elizabeth FRESHOUR and Mary CHAMBERS, confirmed the statements by Nancy WELLS and added one statement: "That one of these deponents, John Wells, volunteered with said Basil Wells at same time served in same compaign, for said period and was discharged at same time." (Other documents prove that Elizabeth and Mary were daughters of John WELLS.) An accompanying letter, Jan. 20, 1851, Jefferson City, Missouri, written by James LILLARD describes Nancy as a poor neighbor, and adds "It may be proper here perhaps to State that the John Wells, whose certificate of discharge is herewith transmitted was the son of the Basil Wells mentioned in the Widows petition. The father & son volunteered, marched and suffered together at the defeat of the River Raisin." The warrent for land was not issued because Basil's name was not found on the muster rolls of Richard MATSON, however the company had originally been under Capt. Wm. ELLIS, who died in service, and in 1853 Basil WELLS' name was found on Ellis' rolls. Another letter by LILLARD in 1853 describes Nancy: "Mrs.Wells, permit me here to state, is a very aged and very poor widow, & I am afraid, that, ... the bounty... may prove too tardy." The warrent was issued Aug. 4, 1853, but did indeed come too late. Nancy died that summer and the warrent went immediately into Nancy's estate, administered by her son, John WELLS. In fact, the warrent for 40 acres was her estate. The warrant may have passed through several hands. The land was not submitted to a land office for location until 5 Nov. 1875 by Richard P. BABCOCK, in Mendocino, CA. The son, John WELLS, made his own application for bounty land which he received under the act of 1850, and additional land which he received under the act of 1855, to a total of 160 acres. John WELLS' widow, Mary Jane (SCRANTON) WELLS, made her application for widow's pension in 1878 in Leavenworth, KS.

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