State of Illinois, County of Madison. On the fifth day of September 1832 personally appeared before the county commissioners, ____ court for the County of Madison, now sitting, Jesse Conway, aged 71 years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration so as to obtain the benefits to the provision made by the Act of Congress passed June 1832. That he enlisted in the Army of the United States in the year 1777 with William Buchanan and was commanded by him and Lieutenant Joseph Drake and Ensign Ephraim Drake at Reed Island in the State of Virginia in the spring of 1777 and in June marched under the command of Colonel Bowman to Boonsborough where he was under the command of Colonel Boon, and was in the service eighteen months, in the fall of 1777 the fort was besieged by the Indians who kept up the seize for nine days and nights, when they were compelled to retire in great loss. Soon after this he was discharged and returned home to Reed Island, and in the next spring or the spring of 1779 he returned to Harrodsburgh and enlisted in the company commanded by Captain Isaac Ruddle, Lieutenant Casper Casner, other ensign's name is not recollected, and Colonel Bowman, and stationed at the fort on Licking River and served till the 24th of June 1780 when the fort was taken and the whole garrison made prisoners and the fort was burnt by the British and Indians. The British was commanded by Captain Bird. He with the other prisoners were taken to Detroit and kept there till the general peace was made when they were sent to Fort Pitt and there discharged in the year 1784, having been four years prisoners. He declares that he served more than two years in the war of the Revolution. He hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a pension or an annunity except for the present, and he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state. Sworn and subscribed this day and year aforesaid. Jesse (X) Conway. And the said court does hereby declare their opinion that the above named applicant was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states. Remarks: Jesse Conway was allowed pension on his application executed September 5, 1832, at which time he was living in Madison County, Illinois, aged 71 years. Married November 7, 1825 in Madison County, Illinois, Margaret Renfro. Died October 9, 1840 in Greene County, Illinois. Transcribed from original