Overbey Cemetery, Robertson Co, KY

Located in south-central Robertson County, this Overbey family cemetery is not in very good shape. It is in an unprotected field and all the stones have been moved and piled near the one standing monument.

The big monument is Henry Harvey Overbey's marker. In 2 pieces is a separate stone for his wife:
Henry H.
Mar. 9, 1814
June 30, 1893

wife of
Henry H. Overbey

Aug. 30, 1816
May 2, 1850

Henry H. Overbey's parents were: Henry & Mary "Polly" (Conway) Overbey.
These stones were only partially located:

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Henry Overby

fe of

Mar. 6, 1824

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Polly's father John Conway, Jr. was a RevWar soldier and was captured at Ruddles Station in 1780.

There are also two markers for infant son and daughter of N.P. and E. Overbey. These would have been Henry and Polly Conway's grandchildren:
Jessie H.
son of
N.P. & E. Overbey
Aug 21, 1853
May 31, 1855

Mary E.
dau of
N.P. & E. Overbey
May 21, 1855
Oct. 7, 1856(8?)

Although I had been told that this cemetery also contained Nathaniel Perry Overbey, Seth Curtis, Jane Curtis, Job Curtis and Margery Curtis, I found no stones indicating these names. There were other illegible stones that might have been these.

A nearby Overbey family log cabin.

My appreciation to my cousins Wendell and Carroll Curtis for their extensive Overbey research.

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This is a roster of Captain O. G. Cameron Co. 1, 1st Ky. Mt. Riflemen, that
was raised in Kentontown, Kentucky Harrison County in the year of 1861, to
fight for the Confederate States.

[I don't think all of these originally enlisted in 1861. There is some
interesting history on this company which I'll try to put up. Note the
interrelated Overbey, Wiggins, Burns, Stewart, French, Mullikin, Cook,
Claypoole surnames on the roster. -Jon]


1. Captain O. G. Cameron
2.  Lt. Joe Harding
3.  Lt. William French
4.  Lt. W. W. Burns
5. Toliver Duncan
6. Henry Stewart
7. William VanHook
8. John F. Benson
9. Joe Dorossett
10. Anderson Wilson
11. Ishem Routte
12. Levi Wheeler
13. Marion Louderback
14. Lewis Mdelin
15. Wilford Duncan
16. Richard Duncan
17. James Duncan
18. James VanHook
19. Henry Richey
20. Hiram Linville
21. John Ashcraft
22. Enry Ashcraft
23. William Ashcraft
24. Lem Mullikin
25. By the name of Dearm
26. By the name of West
27. By the name of Cook
28. Kellis Huls
29. Jack Huls
30. Nelson McGuire
31. Andy Ashbrook
32. Charlie French
33. G. W. Sparks
34. Mich Neal
35. Sam Cracraft
36. Ashford Hieatt
37. Elias Claypoole
38. John Fryman
39. Bays Cmmons
40. Tom Raymond
41. Elis Moran
42. Wilholt Wilson
43. Jone Jones
44. John Whitehead
45. James Cameron
46. John Linville
47. Abner Conner
48. Baker Wiggins
49. Jim John Whaley
50. Levi Colvin
51. Oscar Overbey
52. Fess Stewart
53. By the name of Beckett
54. John Walton Lawson Mockbee
55. Tim Chisholm
56. John Morris
57. Tom Wiggins

The Harry Overby census listing for 1850 in Nicholas County is
probably either being misread or is a misprint. It's probably Harvey
or Harve. In addition to James F., Beverley C., William H. (your ggg
grandfather, and Elizabeth West, Henry and Mary Conway Overbey had
four sons who remained around what is now Robertson Co. Richard M.
married Jane Mullikin and has many descendants around the area. John
E. married Elizabeth Throckmorton and has numerous descendants in the
area. Nathaniel Perry Sr. (my g grandfather) married Elizabeth Ogle
(his first cousin) and has many descendants (including me) and Henry
Harvey married Elizabeth McMickel and has many descendants around the
area. Henry and Mary's descendants probably number over a thousand.
Henry Harvey is often referred to as just Harvey or Harve. Some court
documents have his name reversed as Harvey Henry. If you check the
Robertson Co. cemetaries on the GenWeb you can see his tombstone (an
obelisk) posted by Carroll and Wendell Curtis (N. P. Sr. descendants)
and Jon Hagee. Also Bill T. Curtis ( a Henry Harvey descendant)
currently in Kansas has a web page with a picture of Harvey.

I have quite a computerized listing of Henry and Mary descendants with
what I have from the Indiana group coming principally from you. It's
still a growing list. One correction to the William Harrison and
William Henry biographies should be noted. Henry was not scalped by
the Indians. He came from VA to KY in 1805 or 1806. I was in Va in
July researching ancestry. The scalping occured at Ruddles Fort June
24, 1780 and it happened to Joseph Conway who was a brother to Mary's
father John Conway Jr. Joseph survived and ended up in Missouri with a
family and property. You can read all about it on the Ruddles Station
or Fort web pages. Search for Ruddles Station or Fort or Shawhan. We
had a 220th aniversary commemoration on June 24 of this year which was
quite an occasion with the Sister to the Chief of the Ohio Shawnee
Tribe and their Historian and Story Teller making presentations. Our
ancestors, the Conways, were taken as prisoners to Fort Detroit. The
majority of the people captured didn't survive. Glad the Conways made
it back since Mary (Polly) Conway wasn't born until about 1790. Of
interest, an ancestor of George, George W., and Jeb Bush was a Ruddles
Fort defender.

I'm still searching for the parents of Henry Overbey. I now know that
he lived for a while in Charlotte Co. VA and bought and sold property
there and that the deeds list him as Henry W. and that his marriage
bond of 1806 in Nicholas Co. list him as Henry W. A Francis (Fannie)
Overbey married a Zachariah Brooke in Charlotte Co. in 1804. Her
father was listed as Richard. The surety for her bond was Thomas
Cheaney. One property that Henry bought in Charlotte Co. from a Thomas
Williams had previously been owned by Richard Overby. Patsy Overby
married Mitchell Smith in Nicholas Co. in 1810. Zachariah Brooke
signed her marriage bond. Henry was paid for "patrolling" (probably
something like a constable) in Charlotte Co. in 1802 along with
Zachariah and some other Brooke's and Thomas and some other Cheaney's.
Henry's sister, Elizabeth (called Betsy), married Jesse Daugherty in
Bourbon Co. in 1806. Patsy was the first person burried in the Mt.
Carmel cemetary and among the people listed in an article about her
were several Brooke's and Cheaney's. Sounds like they had quite a
wagon train to KY. Henry and Elizabeth could have been the siblings of
Patsy and Fannie or cousins. Richard was either their father or uncle.
But nothing is proven except that he was Fannie's father. If I can
ever make this one link, it will connect us back to 1485 with the
Overbury's and centuries prior to that with the Palmers, Shirleys, and
deBroase. The Shirleys were rewarded with properties by William the
Conquerer after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the deBroase claim
to be descended from Charlemagne.

If you'd like my genealogy lists, E-Mail me directly and I'll scan
them and send them to you. Bill Overbey

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