Leonard and others have long accepted and published that Archible Wigens" buried in Shannon Methodist Church Cemetery (Mason Co, KY) and the Archibald Wiggins who left a Will in 1812 (Mason Co, KY) are one and the same. The information recorded on the gravestone was recorded as "Archible Wigens died Feb 22, 1817, aged 73" which would give him a birth date of 1744.

It was assumed that Archibald filed his Will in 1812 and died in 1817. Archibald's wife Mary (who died 13 OCT 1847 at age 99) was known to be a few miles away in the Mt. Zion cemetery along with some of her children. He was supposedly buried in a different spot than his wife since he died earlier.

I decided to closely examine this set of evidence to see if there was anything further that could be dug up. For 2 years I looked for the Archible Wigens stone in the Shannon Cemetery...

There are several pieces of evidence which I would like to examine:

1. Archibald Wiggins Will - This Will is filed in Mason Co. in July 1812. Two common transcriptions are available of the Will. The assumption is that AW died 5 years after his will was made out. I located the actual Will and what is not mentioned in any of the transcripts is that the Will was probated in Sept. 1812. This information was not included in any of the transcriptions and does not match up with the alleged "1817" burial date.

2. Shannon Cemetery - Wiggins plot. Three sides of a rectangle marked with CW. Inside is a monument with Claborn Wiggins b. Dec 24, 1809 - d. Feb 24, 1879 and Sallie his wife, b. May 20, 1820 - d. Sept 25, 1877. There is a stone inside the plot with just "A.W.", Smaller than most gravestones, but too large for a corner plot marker. Possibly a footstone. If the Clayborn/Sallie monument are considered to be at the head of the #1 and #2 positions, the AW stone would be at the foot of the #4 or #5 position. There may still be some mystery associated with this stone.

3. Shannon Cemetery - "Archible Wigens" and Rachel Wiggins stones. Archible Wigens is listed as buried *near* but not in the same location as a Claborn and Sallie his wife. Also noted was a broken stone with "Rachel Wiggins, wife of" in a pile nearby.

Another researcher in 1970 noted the Archible Wigens stone could not be found. They do, however, complete the information from the broken stone "Rachel wife of A. Wiggins, died July 14, 1854 in the 84th year of her age".

This information is correct as much as I can tell. I also matched the broken parts of this stone but did not extensively study this inscription. I consider the exact dates to be largely irrelevent. It is stacked on a stump near the Claborn Wiggins plot. Also listed is the correct Claborn/Sallie information.

The Archible Wigens Headstone was not easy to locate. It was half-buried, several dozen yards from the C. Wiggins plot. I believe it was originally in that plot along with Rachel's stone. It is marked "In memory of Archible Wigens died Feb 22nd, 1847 in the 73rd year of his age". I made a rough rubbing. The 1847 is hard to read, but it is readable. The 73 is also difficult, but can be read. Compare the 1 and 4 and the two 7's.

4. In the 1850 Census, a Claborn Wiggins and wife Sarah or Sally are listed along with an older woman Rachel. (I've misplaced the notes I took on this so I don't have the details. But that much is accurate. I'll update it when I find my notes or see the census again.)


"Shannon" Archible died in 1847 and was born in 1774. His wife was Rachel. I believe Archibald and Rachel are probably Claborn's parents. Archibald Wiggins (wife Mary) who left the Will, died in 1812.

There is now no evidence pointing to Archibald Wiggins being buried in Shannon Cemetery or that he was born in 1744. I also attempted to access the cemetery keeper's or church records. As far as they know, there are none.

Further investigation may show "Shannon Archible" was closely related to Archibald.

Of note to Shannon Cemetery researchers: I dug up a completely buried (flat) stone that was half in the C.W. plot marked "John Johnson March 5, 1845, aged 58 years".

Also within the Clayborn Wiggins plot was "In memory of Eliza Ann, wife of Solomon Stuart, Born Dec. 13, 1888".

I don't know if these they are Wiggins related or not. These two stones looked like they might have been misplaced.

Just so I have somewhere I can find it. Here are some Wiggins marriages that are probably new to me.

This is from Harrison County Marriages:

Ruth Wiggins married William Kearns on 01 JAN 1799

Drusilla Wiggins married John Horner on 31 DEC 1801

Freelove Wiggins married Abraham Tinnis on 18 DEC 1817

Some Ohio Wiggins data:

         Name             Key Year  Src    Book Page    Relevant             Co
------------------------- --- ----- ------ ---- ----- ---------------------- --
Wiggins, Albert          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |376B |Urbana Twp            |Ch
Wiggins, Amanda          |M  |1828 |Marr  |001 |180  |Mikesell, Peter       |Pr
Wiggins, Andrew          |Xr |1846 |Deeds |22  |240  |Staunton Twp          |Mi
Wiggins, Benjamin F.     |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |78   |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Charles S.      |D  |1949 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age63   B:Indiana     |Mi
Wiggins, Comfort         |D  |1834 |GvSt  |    |     |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Daniel          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |504  |Xenia City Ward 2     |Gr
Wiggins, Eliza           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |435A |Springfield Ward 8    |Ck
Wiggins, Eliza Ann       |M  |1833 |Marr  |001 |267  |Garrison, James       |Pr
Wiggins, George R.       |D  |1919 |CemRec|Cem#|0402 |age2mon B:Ohio        |Mi
Wiggins, Harriet         |M  |1834 |Marr  |001 |288  |Low, Thomas P.        |Pr
Wiggins, Henry           |M  |1865 |Marr  |    |     |Wall, Sarah           |Ck
Wiggins, Henry           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |303D |Springfield Ward 3    |Ck
Wiggins, James           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |296A |Springfield Ward 3    |Ck
Wiggins, James           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |303D |Springfield Ward 3    |Ck
Wiggins, James           |M  |1882 |Marr  |    |     |Halstead, Jennie      |Sh
Wiggins, Jas.            |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |163  |Springfield Township  |Ck
Wiggins, Jehu            |M  |1830 |Marr  |    |     |Williams, Maria       |Dk
Wiggins, Jehu            |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |026  |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Jehu      -dec'd|es |1841 |CPCt  |005 |362  |Pertaining to estate  |Dk
Wiggins, John            |Xr |1850 |Deeds |25  |529  |Elizabeth Twp         |Mi
Wiggins, Josiah          |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |072  |Gratis Twp            |Pr
Wiggins, Judy            |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |340C |Springfield Ward 5    |Ck
Wiggins, Juliet          |M  |1826 |Marr  |    |     |Pursail, Benjamin     |Dk
Wiggins, Lewis           |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |290A |Springfield Ward 3    |Ck
Wiggins, Mariah          |M  |1842 |Marr  | 3  | 15  |Ludy, John N          |Dk
Wiggins, Mary Jane       |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |182  |Bath                  |Gr
Wiggins, Matild          |M  |1844 |Marr  | 3  | 63  |Mayo, Cabilles        |Dk
Wiggins, May             |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |268B |Neave Twp             |Dk
Wiggins, Philip          |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |78   |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Philip          |cc |1825 |Hist  |404 |     |                      |Dk
Wiggins, Philip          |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |026  |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Philip          |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |428  |Butler Twp            |Dk
Wiggins, Philip          |fc |1880 |Cen   |    |268A |Neave Twp             |Dk
Wiggins, Phillip Jr.     |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |354  |Harrison Twp          |Dk
Wiggins, Rebecca         |fc |1830 |Cen   |    |383  |Lanier Twp            |Pr
Wiggins, Rebecca         |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |254  |Greenville-City       |Dk
Wiggins, Rev.            |MG |1840>|Hist  |402 |434  |                      |Dk
Wiggins, Samuel          |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |082  |Cincinnati Ward 2     |Ha
Wiggins, Sarah           |fc |1840 |Cen   |    |306  |Symmes Township       |Ha
Wiggins, Thomas          |fc |1820 |Cen   |    |139  |Columbia Township     |Ha
Wiggins, William         |fc |1850 |Cen   |    |139a |Monroe Twp            |Mi
Wiggins, William         |M  |1864 |Marr  |Lic#|09539|Adams, Agnes Jane     |Mi

From: "Flora, Brian M" 
Subject: RE: ISO Wiggins-Flora Links -- MD, (W)VA, KY from 1735-1815 (fwd)
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 08:00:05 -0400

If I am not mistaken, the Robert Flora Sr. family must have come from
Hampshire Co. (W)VA with the William Wiggins clan to Mason Co. KY.
Robert Flora settled on Licking Creek as well.  And the names of the
15 Wells children are very similar to the Flora Family names used back
then, including "Drucilla,"  which seems to have been a favorite for
several generations.  Robert's son, Robert Jr. had a Drucilla born in
Mason Co. Looks like the two families, over the course of two or three
generations "traded" kids' names back and forth.

I'm putting together a sheet of Flora/Wiggins matches from Western MD,
Hampshire Co. (W)VA, and Mason Co. and will send it to you all.


Flora -Wiggins Links:  MD, (W)VA, KY 1730-1830

There must be a connection between the Thomas Flora Sr. family (Thomas
arrived in MD in 1721 as an indentured servant from London and set up
shop in the Potomac in western MD by 1735) and the Wiggins family,
which was located nearby at the same time.

Speculation is that one of Thomas Sr.'s daughters married a Wiggins
early on or that one (or more) of Thomas's sons (Thomas Jr., Robert,
or William) married a Wiggins daughter.  Or both.  Note: Robert Flora
Jr. (son of Thomas Flora's son Robert) had a son and a grandson who
both had Wiggins as a middle name, so he would be a likely suspect.

In addition, in Thomas Flora Jr.'s line, the name "Archibald" keeps
surfacing.  Previous to Hampshire Co. (W)VA times, when the Floras and
the Wiggins' were neighbors, the traditional Flora names were Thomas,
William, John, Robert and the like; afterwards, the Archibald became
common, probably thanks to  Archibald Wiggins.

In a 1736 map prepared by Benjamin Winslow of the Upper Potomac,
Thomas "Wiggon" is six homesteads northwest from Thomas Florry's

Note, to confuse the issue, there was another Wiggins, Edward, who
emigrated from Ireland into Pennsylvania around 1759.  He fought with
the Chester Co. PA (south of Philadelphia) militia during the
Revolutionary War.  He and his brother Thomas Wiggens are alleged to
have surveyed land in what is now West Virginia.  It is conceivable
that he wound up in Hampshire Co. (W)VA, but this is speculation.

At any rate, William Flora (son of Thomas Sr.) was mentioned as a
chain carrier with Thomas Wiggins (the same fellow as above?) in a
land survey for a tract of land on the Potomac (VA's Northern Neck) in
1766, which was assigned to Philip Wiggins in 1773 (Hampshire Co.)

In the 1783 Washington Co. MD tax assessment, John Flora, Robert
Flora, and Robert Flora Jr. were all living in the same area as
William Wiggins and John Wiggins.

In the 1782 and 1784 Hampshire Co. (W)VA census records, two groups of
Floras (Thomas and William) were living in the same neighborhood as
Philip and Archibald Wiggins.

In 1789, William Flora witnessed a land sale (100 acres on the
Potomac) in Hampshire Co, VA, of Thomas Wiggins to Philip Wiggins;
other witnesses were Archibald Wiggins and Mary Wiggins.

In 1790 Aaron Wells married Ruth Wiggins (father William) in Mason Co,
KY. They homesteaded on Johnson Creek near the Licking River.   They
had 15 children:  Nathan, Elizabeth A., Rachel E, Drucilla and Ruama
(twins), Sarah ("Sally") W., Nancy, William W., Robert, John W. Ruth,
Aaron, Mary ("Polly"), Daniel & Uriah (twins).

In 1796, Robert Flora buys land on North Fork of  Licking River from
Hugh Shannon..

In 1798 (March 19), a Phillip Wiggins married Comfort (Covalt) in
Mason Co. KY.  He was said to have been born in Hampshire Co (W)VA,
the son of Archibald and Mary Flint.  (The family later moved to Darke
Co. OH).  Their children (from Phillip's will probated in April 1854)
were Julian, Thomas, George, John, Mary, Matilda, Freelon, Archibald,
and Hannah.

In 1803 in Mason Co. KY, James Flora, Archibald Wiggins, Daniel
Wiggins were responsible for a road from the town of Washington to
Simon Kenton's road.

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:25:27 -0400 (EDT)
From: Patricia Straube 
To: Jon Hagee , "Flora, Brian M" 
Subject: RE: ISO Wiggins-Flora Links -- MD, (W)VA, KY from 1735-1815  (fwd)

Several months ago Donald Claypool and I decided to collaborate doing
some Wiggins research. He's located in Vermilion Co., IL where the
descendants of John and Catherine (Leonard) Wiggins ended up although
he's a descendant of William and Elizabeth Ashcraft (Wells) Wiggins.
We quickly decided that earlier Wiggins researchers (including
Leonard) had made such a muddle of things that we'd basically try to
start from scratch. We haven't been able to make any big
breakthroughs, especially concerning William Wiggins but we've sorted
out quite a few of the descendants of Thomas and Matilda Wiggins of
Hampshire Co. VA (WV). In doing so we haven't found any Flora
connections so far. One of the experts on early Wiggins families in
Maryland is Houston Tracy who is researching the descendants of Uriah
Wiggins of Maryland and Louisiana. Uriah is a name which appears in
William Wiggins' line too, plus members of the Louisiana family came
to Mason Co.,KY to find brides.

The name James isn't very common in this family but Phillip Wiggins,
son of Thomas and Matilda, had several daughters and only one son,
James Harvey Wiggins. James and his family ended up in Gibson Co., IN.
The name "James Harvey" seems to have been important in this family
since several of the daughters used it for their children too but
Phillip's wife's name is unknown so it may have come from her family.

We've also discovered that several sons in Archibald and Mary (Flint)
Wiggins' line were named, not for family members, but for prominent
Methodist clergymen in early Maryland. Their son, Enoch Matson
Wiggins, was a case in point, as well as their son Francis Asbury.
Archibald's son, Thomas, of Hocking Co., OH named a son, Lemuel Green
Wiggins, which also turned out to be a Maryland Methodist. I'm
bringing this up just to point out that children were not always named
for relatives but for other important people who may have had only
local reputions.

I'm familiar with the name George Tarvin, "minister of the Dunkard
Faith". He officiated at the marriage in Mason Co., KY in 1798 of my
ancestors, James Callon and Annie Wells. Their son, William Callon,
married Ruth Wells, daughter of Aaron Wells and Ruth Wiggins. Annie
was the daughter of Robert Wells, later of Clermont Co., OH. I'm still
trying to find the relationship between Robert and Aaron. Both had
sons named Nathan, Robert and Aaron. I think George Tarvin also
officiated at the marriage of Phillip Wiggins (son of Archibald and
Mary Flint) and Comfort Covalt. This family later moved to Darke Co.,

Don and I are still very much in the midst of research. There are
several Williams, Johns, Thomases and Archibalds who are unplaced.
Plus lots of unknown wives, of course. Archibald and Mary Flint's sons
Thomas and Joseph both married daughters of David Dawson, in case that
rings a bell.

There's lots and lots of research yet to be done on the Wiggins
family. Don and I have come to the conclusion that the land and deed
records need to be thoroughly researched. This is quite a project
since these interrelated Wiggins were in Mason, Harrison, Nicholas,
Robertson, and Woodford Counties in Kentucky at least and then spread
to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois and Missouri that we've found. The
earlier records are in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. It's quite
a daunting task. I'll be sure and be on the lookout for any Flora
surnames in connection with our research.


Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 16:46:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: Patricia Straube 
To: "Flora, Brian M" , "'Jon Hagee'" ,
        Joseph Gardner 
Subject: RE: ISO Wiggins-Flora Links -- MD, (W)VA, KY from 1735-1815 (fwd)

Hello all,
In my previous message I mentioned Houston Tracy who is also
researching the Wiggins. I found his current email address and two
interesting queries on the Washington Co., MD GenWeb page:


Farm / Plantation Names
Posted by Houston Tracy Jr.  on Fri, 13 Oct 2000


Where are / were these farms located ? Are maps of the period and
current-day available to have copied ? Where are they located ?
Delicarle or Dellecarlia - leased 26 Jan 1795 by Archibald WIGGINS of
Hampshire Co., VA to Robert BARRY of Bedford Co., PA, where Jonathan
Roberts lived and where Joseph WIGGINS now lives.

Grassey Cabin - sold May 1789 by William WIGGINS to Owen ROBEZ, being
the same sold to WIGGINS by Joseph FLINT.

Rasberry Delight - 28 Nov 1809 Archibald WIGGINS sells to William
FLINT, both of Mason Co., KY, his 2/3 interest in this tract, having
inherited 1/3 by Will of Joseph FLINT, dec'd and 1/3 by purchase from

Flint's Chance - 18 Sep 1809 Archibald WIGGINS Sr.and his wife, Mary
sell to Philip C. PENDLETON and David HUNTER of Berkeley Co., VA.

Colmeres Gamble - Heirs of Joseph & John FLINT settle among
theirselves. Mentions: John RIDOUT, Lenox MARTIN, several minor
FLINTs, PENDLETON Estate, WIGGINS and Michael CRESAP, son of Michael
CRESAP Sr. dec'd.

WIGGINS - Rev. War Era Posted by Houston Tracy Jr.
 on Fri, 13 Oct 2000


Uriah, John, William & Philip WIGGINS all signed an Oath of Allegiance
in 1778 in Washington Co., MD.

Philip has been identified as a son of Archibald WIGGINS and Mary
FLINT, the daughter of John FLINT. Archibald acting on behalf of his
wife in the acceptance of her share in the FLINT Estate, received 1/2
and Michael CRESAP received the other half.

How was CRESAP related to the WIGGINS or FLINTs ?

Uriah served under the elder Michael CRESAP at Fort Pitt in 1775, as
shown on a regimental list of a Virginia Militia composed of mostly
Maryland men. This CRESAP died in NY.

Uriah reappears as a signer of an 1780 petition by residents of
Natchez (now in Mississippi) to the Spanish Governor of the Louisiana
Province. What would have compelled a citizen of the U.S. to settle
amongst a bunch of British Loyalists ?

The other 3 WIGGINS men and Archibald would all move into Mason Co.,
KY shortly before/after statehood of KY. Uriah would procure a 2nd
wife in 1809 from Mason Co., KY and return to his home in the
Territory of Orleans (now that part of Louisiana west of the
Mississippi River).

What is the tie that binds these WIGGINS men ?

Were they recent immigrants to the Colonies ? Marched into the
courthouse and offered to sign the Oath or be put back on ship ?
Washington County is a little far inland for that to be a real factor,
but just a thought. Archibald's brother or father, Thomas Jr. or Sr.,
was living in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1789, all formerly of
Hampshire Co., VA. Can anyone lend me a hand ? I've been stuck here
for over 15 years ... !

[The source he is referring to is "Washington County Maryland Records:
Oaths of Allegiance 1778."  compiled and edited by Raymond B. Clark,
Jr. Privately Printed, 1989. I just looked at it again and in the same
alpha list as William, Uriah, and John Wiggons were John and James

This from the same GenWeb page which indicates that Washington Co. was
newly formed when the inhabitants took the oath:

Formed in 1748 from Prince George's County
And The Counties Formed From It -
Montgomery - Formed in 1776
Washington - Formed in 1776 (which also included Allegany & Garrett
Allegany - Formed in 1789 - (from Washington County)
Carroll - Formed in 1837 (from Baltimore & Frederick Counties)
Garrett - Formed in 1872 (from Washington County)

Though the land records indicate that Archibald Wiggins went to
Hampshire Co., VA from Maryland I don't think there has ever been any
evidence that William Wiggins was in Hampshire Co. though they both
eventually ended up in Mason Co., KY. I don't think the Philip Wiggins
who took the oath of allegience is necessarily Archibald's son, he had
a brother named Philip as well (the one with seven daughters and only
one son, James Harvey Wiggins). It could even be an uncle or cousin or
??? This is a very complicated research problem.


Here is my latest information about the descendants of Philip Wiggins and
Comfort Covalt. All their children are named in a Partition suit in Minute
Book 1, "Darke County Ohio Common Pleas Court Records 1817-1860", compiled
by Anita Short and Ruth Bowers, 1972. These two ladies have compiled a lot
of the records for Darke Co. OH. Sometimes Philip's son who married Mariah
Williams is called "John" and sometimes "Jehu" in these transcriptions of
the records. All you have to do is look at both names written sloppily and
you can see the problem. I have personally looked at the 1850 census of
Randolph Co. IN and Darke Co., OH. Everyone with a birthdate of "abt" has
it taken from there unless otherwise noted. Except for these records
eveything else is from secondary sources so far. The marriage records are
probably pretty accurate but of course Matilda Wiggins' husband was not
named "Caroline" or even "Cabilles" or "Cales" as various compilers have
read it. The Ancestral File says "Cahlus" but I found him in the census as
"Charles". These sources also have Silas as "Manus" and "Manice" but I
found him in the census as Manes. Same problem with "Juliet" and "Julian".
I spelled it in a feminine form but who knows the "correct" way?

Bob was asking about the derivation of the name "Freelove". I can't find
any authoritive source but my theory is that it is a religious name in the
same vein as Comfort or Charity, referring to the "Love" of God which is
"Freely" given. I've also noticed that Freelove is a surname but I imagine
this is less likely (though not impossible). I've found very strong
currents of Methodism in this family though usually these kinds of names
occur among the Puritans. I'll keep looking.


From: Patricia Straube 

Philip Wiggins b. abt 1776, Virginia, m. (1) 2 Mar 1798, in Mason Co., KY,
Comfort Covalt, b. abt 1777, d. 25 Oct 1834, Darke Co., OH, buried: Harter
Cemetery, Darke Co., OH, m. (2) abt 1850, Lucretia (___) Bellis.  Philip
died 1 Feb 1853, Darke Co., OH, buried: Harter Cemetery, Darke Co., OH.
Lucretia: widow of Adam Bellis
I.        Julianne Wiggins m. 22 Jan 1826, in Darke Co., OH, Benjamin Pursail.
II.       Thomas Wiggins.
III.      Mary Wiggins b. abt 1804, Kentucky, m. 6 Jun 1828, in Darke Co., OH,
Andrew Miller, b. abt 1804, Pennsylvania.
       A.      Matilda A. Miller b. abt 1831, Ohio.
       B.      Elizabeth F. Miller b. abt 1833, Ohio.
       C.      Mary M. Miller b. abt 1835, Ohio.
       D.      Hannah E. Miller b. abt 1838, Ohio.
       E.      Philip W. Miller b. abt 1841, Ohio.
       F.      William A. Miller b. abt 1844, Ohio.
IV.    George Wiggins b. abt 1806, Kentucky, m. Malinda ___, b. abt 1814, Ohio.
       A.     Andrew J. Wiggins b. abt 1834, Ohio.
V.     John "Jehu" Wiggins b. abt 1807, m. 2 Mar 1830, in Darke Co., OH, Mariah
Williams, b. abt 1811, Ohio.  John died bef 21 Apr 1840, Darke Co., OH.
Birthdate estimated. Deed recorded  29 Nov 1828 from Philip Wiggins and
wife Comfort to "Jehu" Wiggins.
     A.      Philip Wiggins b. abt 1831, Darke Co., OH.
     B.      Rebecca Jane Wiggins b. abt 1833, Darke Co., OH.
     C.      Mary M. Wiggins b. abt 1835, Darke Co., OH.
     D.      Lydia A. Wiggins b. abt 1837, Darke Co., OH.
VI.  Archibald Wiggins b. abt 1811, Darke Co., OH.  unmarried in 1850
VII. Matilda Wiggins b. 12 Nov 1812, Darke Co., OH, m. 6 Jun 1844, in Darke
Co., OH, Cahlus "Charles Newton" Mayo, b. 1 Dec 1815, South Carolina, (son
of James H. Mayo and Nancy ___) d. 7 Feb 1881, Randolph Co., IN.  Matilda
died 24 Mar 1878.  Cahlus: Ancestral File
     A. Nancy Elizabeth Mayo b. 4 Dec 1844, Indiana, m. Joshua Puderbaugh, b.
abt 1840.  Nancy died 1907.
    B.     Margaret Jane Mayo b. 29 Jul 1847, Randolph Co., IN, m. 14 Dec 1879, in
Randolph Co., IN, Simeon Puderbaugh, b. 2 Nov 1847, Randolph Co., IN, (son
of Jacob Puderbaugh and Sarah Porter) d. 15 Feb 1936, Branson, Taney Co.,
MO, buried: Mt. Grove Cemetery, Taney Co., MO.  Margaret died 29 May 1914,
Taney Co., MO, buried: Mt. Grove Cemetery, Taney Co., MO.  The Ancestral
File gives her year of birth as 1849 but she was three years old in the
1850 Census of Randolph Co., IN and her brother Philip was born in 1849.
     C.     Benjamin Thompson Mayo b. 1 Mar 1849, Indiana, m. (1) 23 Nov 1875,
Sarah Jennie Vorhees, b. abt 1853, m. (2) 21 Apr 1884, Ida Leora Howell, b.
abt 1853.  Benjamin died 30 Jan 1914.
    D.     Philip Archibald Mayo b. 1 Aug 1851, Randolph Co., IN, m. 18 Jul 1875,
in Jay Co., IN, Sarah Ann McKaska, b. abt 1855.  Philip died 28 Feb 1929.  IGI
   E.  Hanna T. Mayo b. 3 Nov 1854, Randolph Co., IN, m. John Barker, b. 25
Dec 1847, Randolph Co., IN, d. 12 Dec 1906, Randolph Co., IN, buried:
Reitenour Cemetery, Randolph Co., IN.  Hanna died 5 Jul 1890, Randolph Co.,
IN, buried: Reitenour Cemetery, Randolph Co., IN.
VIII.       Freelove Wiggins b. abt 1816, Darke Co., OH, m. 22 May 1836, in
Randolph Co., IN, Silas Manes, b. abt 1816, Tennesee.
         A.   Philip W. Manes b. abt 1838, Ohio.
         B.   George Manes b. abt 1840, Ohio.
         C.   Susannah Manes b. abt 1841, Ohio.
         D.   James Manes b. abt 1845, Ohio.
         E.   Mary Manes b. abt 1847, Indiana.
         F.   Malinda Manes b. abt Jun 1850, Indiana.
IX.      Hannah Wiggins b. abt 1824, Darke Co., OH, m. 30 Jun 1844, in Darke
Co., OH, Richard Kinnamon, b. 1818, Montgomery Co., OH, (son of Richard
Kinnamon and Lydia Davis) d. 5 May 1897, Plattsmouth, Mills Co., IA.
Hannah died 30 Jan 1856, Darke Co., OH.  Richard: Pedigree Resource File
       A.   James Polk Kinnamon b. 1847, Darke Co., OH, m. Jeanette Scott, b. 19
Feb 1862, (daughter of Abram Scott) d. 1948.  James died 1918.  Ancestry
World Tree
      B.  Julia Ann Kinnamon b. 22 Jan 1850, Darke Co., OH, m. George Washington
Kearns, b. 6 Oct 1841, Adair/Russell Co., KY, (son of Jonathan B. Kearns
and Cynthia Lee) d. 17 Aug 1914, Walthill, Thurston Co., NE, buried:
Evergreen Cemetery, Walthill, NE.  Julia died 28 Feb 1925, Walthill,
Thurston Co., NE.
         C.   Josiah W. Kinnamon b. _ Jul 1855, m. Emma Scott, (daughter of Abram
Scott). Josiah died 16 Sep 1891.  Ancestry World Tree


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