RAMSHA Reunion Weekend Camping

Don and I have decided to go ahead with plans to encourage primitive camping at our June RAMSHA event. I have begun promoting this and we have permissions and facilities, etc.

Let me define "primitive camping". This consists of 18th century tents, gear and clothing. For this first year, I am going to limit the time frame to what we call "Pre-1840". Next year, we will probably be limiting it to Pre-1790. If you don't know what that means, but are interested in participating, let me know.

IF you are interested in camping and don't have the gear, etc, that's OK! Come and we will find a place for you to camp. It might be in a non-primitive section, but we will all be hanging out together. There will be no hookups, but if you think you can get an RV back to the site, that is fine with me. I am very flexible. Let's see how things go this year and next year, if we want to continue it, we will work out some policies.

If you can't camp, but want to visit with the campers, Come on out!

The reunion date is June 22. That means we will probably have camping Friday night through Sunday morning. Water, firewood, toilets and straw will be provided. There will be no planned special events for this group, unless I get someone who is interested in helping coordinate something. Ideas would include a pot-luck supper, games, local historic site tours, music, vendors, historic skills demonstrations, church service, reenactments, etc.

http://FrontierFolk.org/ruddles.htm Keep an eye on this page for event updates and details:

Eventually, there will be directions, policies, contact info, etc. on this web site.

Take Rt. 27 South out of Cynthiana. About 2 miles after you pass the intersection of 27 and 62 turn left (E.) on Old Lair Road. (Coming from Lexington, look for Old Lair Road on your right about 2 miles into Harrison Co.) You will immediately pass under the railroad bridge, then cross the Licking River. About a mile, you will pass 4514 on the left. About 50 yards further on the right, look for our sign.

Coming in to the farm you will pass a large black barn on the right, go thru a gate, then pass a large red barn on the left then you will see the small red shed ahead on your right. The water spigot is located next to a the small red shed. Tony wants us to camp in that area near the small shed. He has it mowed. There is a lot of seasoned wood around to gather.

Emergency # (if a cell tower is close enough) (859)492-5221.

If you want to participate, email or call me! (859)271-2918 (or the above cell #)
If you want to HELP with this part of our event, please contact me.

Here are a few thoughts. Most of all, I want us to have a safe and fun camp!

Understand, we are guests on Tony's property. That means, if you want to camp, you assume FULL responsibility for your own safety.

Flintlock firearms are permitted and encouraged. Percussion are permitted. No "loaded" guns are permitted on site. Any "blank" loading/shooting need to be with permission by Jon Hagee. Do not point any firearm in the direction of humans. Treat every firearm as loaded.

Campfires are permitted. Remove/replace sod/dirt from hole. Keep fires to a managable level. Keep a close eye on children who are not familiar with campfires or hot iron, etc.

Pet/Dog guidelines:
Barking or growling after dark to a minimum. You are responsible for determining and securing the safety of other participants. When "walking" your dog, be sure to keep fellow barefoot and moccasin wearers in mind!

Jon Hagee - jhagee@mail.com