I guess in a nutshell, I'm curious. You might notice that I seem to have a lot of varied interests. Maybe that defines me.

I have been caving for several years. My first time in a cave was when my parents took me to Mammoth Cave when I was 4 years old. I still remember that. I guess it hooked me. Since then I have been involved in discovery, exploration, mapping, conservation and just enjoying caves. I am currently a member of the Blue Grass Grotto, the local NSS chapter. One of my caver heroes is Floyd Collins.

I have been a member of the Christian Church since childhood. This is the first uniquely frontier American movement, known as the "New Testament", "2nd Great Awakening" or Restoration Movement. Matter of fact, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather William W. Wells built the church building in Mt. Olivet, KY and his son, Elder Mordecai Wells, was blinded in the Mexican War in 1847 yet rode a "circuit" for several decades. I guess it runs in the family.

I love music. I love to make music. I play drums, guitar, harmonica, a little recorder, tin whistle, celtic drum, banjo and spoons. I love music. Music touches the soul at it's deepest level. A good song marries lyrics and music for a unique enhanced effect. I like a lot of different types from jazz to bluegrass, from classical to rock. I especially like to listen to lyrics and have written some songs myself here and there and have been a drummer in a couple groups. I played harmonica, etc. in a multi-style band. Recently been playing Scottish/Irish music, guitar/tin whistle/bodhran. (Did I mention I really like music?)

I was the Sysop of the Kentucky Explorer BBS. we just closed it down, but it was an excellent BBS for several years. Now I do the Web. Frontier Folk Message Board and various web sites.

I think it's great to be living in a revolution. Computers, I mean. They invented hand-held calculators when I was in elementary school. The first PC's came out when I was in college. I believe that the ease of communicating documents, sounds, pictures/graphics has led to another revolution which is just unfolding. If you think it's bad now, stay tuned.

I have ridden/owned motorcycles off and on for almost 20 years. I used to ride a couple of dirt/street bikes. Then owned a street bike and currently am restoring a classic 1978 Kawasaki KZ 650. I just ride around close by KY country roads these days. I learned how to ride in Colombia, South America, where I spent a few months in 1978. I'll save that story for later!

I have a great family. Not only my kids and wife, but my wife's family, my brother and his family, cousins, Mom & Dad, etc. My wife is a Jamaican Indian American. Now her family is spread over North America.

My kids like music, exploring caves, reading, computers, sports.

I speak a little Spanish which I learned, for the most part, in Colombia, S.A., my daughter is fluent, my son is learning. My wife speaks Potois. Wa'um Mon! They are learning sign language which I also studied a few years ago.

I really enjoy history, especially American and early KY. Branches of my Mom's family have been in KY since before it was a state. Earlier branches have been on the American continent since the early 1600's. One of my heroes is Simon Kenton. Why? He was tough, but didn't enjoy the killing. Even though he was their enemy, the Shawnee, etc. respected him and they got along after the wars.

I have a Kentucky Long Rifle. It hangs on the wall. Sometimes I get dressed up in my colonial frontier outfit, slip on my moccasins, grab my powderhorn and rifle, climb a mountain and Flash! Ka-BOOM! You can find me in that cloud of Black Powder smoke.

I like to camp and hike. I used to go with friends or by myself when I lived in East Tennessee near the mountains and the Appalachian Trail. In the past I've enjoyed bike riding & volleyball.

My Dad's family were mostly of pre-german/swiss ancestry. Noah Hage came over from Wurtemburg in 1754, fought in the Revolutionary War, then settled in Strasburg Township, Lancaster Co, PA. They were Pennsylvania-Dutch craftsmen leatherworkers. 100 years later they immigrated to northern Indiana where my Dad and Granddad grew up.

I have been involved in the KYGenWeb since it's creation. I hosted five counties until recently. I still have Robertson and Nicholas counties. I like maps. Topographical maps, historical, 3D, stereo/air space, cave, computer. I collect maps, must have several hundred of them. I guess I just like maps.

I enjoy reading. When I was a kid, I usually had a paperback in my back pocket. I read a lot. Sci-Fi, mysteries, history, non-fiction, philosophy, insirational, adventure whatever. I'm a fast reader and still read a lot. I have hundreds of books all over my house. My name is Jon Hagee and I'm a bookaholic.

To be continued...

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