Rich's concerts were always more like family reunions than
performances. Happily, we will one day share the ultimate family
reunion tour with Jesus. Rich and I go way back. We played together in
Cincinnati while he was at CBC and I was at UC. This was in 1976-1977,
before he formed Zion Ministries. We did a concert of original stuff
together with 4 or 5 other musicians at Grad Hall for the Revival

Something about Rich that bothered me was that he didn't write down
much of anything. I asked him about it and he remarked that if it was
worth remembering he would, otherwise...

I have the words to the songs we did that night only because a friend
put together a program. One song, "Isaiah 40," was not in the program
because Rich felt it was so close to the Scripture that there was no
need to take up program space. The music still lingers in my brain
(there was one cassette tape of the concert, but I don't have it). I
have the words to another song "Harmony" written in Rich's own scrawl.
There's a funny story that goes with it, if you're interested...

Rich and I wrote one of the songs, "Come, Lord," together. As far as I
know, it has never been done outside of that concert (and church),
unless Rich pulled it out in his travels with Zion.

I am a computer science teacher professionally, but also a worship
leader/singer/songwriter. Much of what I write that is good reflects
Rich's influence, and I wanted to testify to that.

Rich was something like a comet -- every few years or so our orbits
would intersect. But he was still Rich! He never lost that "ordinary
guy hangin' around the dorm" quality, something that came through on
stage and in his music. I'll miss him.

Rick Nohle - Elder High School


[More fellow CBC student's comments:]

I am so sorry to hear about Rich. I went to high school and Cincinnati
Bible College with Rich. I loved his music. I don't why God decided to
take him now, but we are not to question. I am praying for your
family. When Rich was in college, he did a concert one night. They
sold tapes of the concert and I still have mine. I have played it so
many times. He will be missed by many.

Cindy Jurgens Metzger Bedford, IN


He touched so many lives here in central Kentucky. From former
classmates at Cincinnati Bible College to staff here at Southland
Christian Church as well as our Southland CIY kids, we send our
sympathy. What an incredible life he led and what a legacy in music he
leaves! We thank God for every remembrance of him.

Cindy Willison


To the Mullins family,

I do not know how to express in words what Rich and his music meant to
me. We roomed together one summer in Cincinnati. I went to your house
in Richmond and he came to mine in Wilmington. Of the hand full of
memories I carry with me today, Rich has a part in them. Patched up
jeans, a ready laugh, a song sung to break your heart and change your
life. Parking lot attendants, the no soap phase, after all these years
and faces he still knew me. Seminary girls, songs in the practice
room, living in the projects. If there can be any comfort at this time
please know his life, his work and his music will run down the years
and decades touching others for Christ. And when we join him in heaven
and God enjoins all to stand who are there by Rich's hand, certainly a
sea of souls will roll. My life and the lives of thousands and
thousands are better, richer and nobler from knowing and being touched
by him. We will pray for you.

Rich Griffith Myrtle Beach, SC


I first learned about Rich in 1982 when I was a freshman at Cincinnati
Bible College. Amy Grant's "Age to Age" had just been released. As a
backward freshman, I was in awe one morning to find myself playing
Boggle with Rich on a friend's living room floor. I was spending the
night and Rich had shown up sometime in the night looking for a place
to sleep. I remember going out to eat pizza with him (he forgot to
bring money!) and even watching "A Man Called Horse" on television at
his house on W. 8th St. in Cincinnati. He was the most Christlike
person I ever knew, simple, profound. We've lost a true poet. I
remember when I heard Amy Grant's version of Sing "Your Praise to the
Lord" on "Age to Age". I was disappointed because they left out the
"from the rising of the sun" part. I'm so glad he recorded it the way
he wrote it. What a loss for us all! What a gain for Rich!

Marty Andry