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Here is our collection of Kenton sites/historic markers. These are mostly General Simon Kenton - Frontiersman. There are 33 found to date. We are verifying these and collecting photos. Please let us know if you have anything other than what is on this list or any photos you would like to donate! -Jon/Larry


+JASPER, Parkinson Cemetary, Twp.29N & R5W, Barkley Twp. Kenton's grave (grave,monument)

*Elizabeth Jarboe


=BOURBON, Col.Joseph Duncan Tavern, D.A.R.Museum, Rt.68, Paris *Simon Kenton's sideboard & beds that he and Daniel Boone slept (tavern,museum, display,library,historical marker)

-BRACKEN, Simon Kenton Ambushes Indians Site 1793, Rts.8 & 2228, Poster (historical marker)

-KENTON, Simon Kenton County Courthouse, Rt.17 & Court St., Independence (courthouse,historical marker)

-KENTON, Riverside Park, Pioneer Leaders Here Site, Garrard St. & Riverside Dr., Covington *Simon Kenton Statue 1988 (statue,monument,plaque,historical marker)

-MASON, Limestone 1784, W.Third & Sutton Sts., Maysville *settled by John May & Simon Kenton (historical marker)

=MASON, Mason County Museum & Public Library, 215 Sutton St., Maysville *Simon Kenton sculpture by Jason Banbel & letter to Gen.Robert Pouge (display)

-MASON, Mason County Spy Company 1792, @ flood wall, Maysville *Simon Kenton listed (historical marker)

-MASON, Old Stone Jail Site 1796, 502 Jail St., Old Washington *Simon Kenton jailed 1819-1821 (sign)

-MASON, Orchard at Lawrence's Creek, 3164 Rt.3056, Maysville *possible location of Martha & Infant Kenton's graves,unmarked,stones of James Chandler 1825-1895 & Garby dau. W.S.& J.Brooks 1882-1886 (cemetery)

-MASON, Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge 1931, Rt.68, Maysville *aka Maysville- Aberdeen Bridge (historical marker on bridge)

-MASON, Simon Kenton Shrine 1790, Old Main St., Old Washington, *cabin/store (restored)

-MASON, Simon Kenton's Station Site 1775, Rt.10, Maysville *farm site spring on hillside behind marker,1937 house has a door & mantle from 1784 house (historical marker)

-MASON, Simon Kenton's Station Site 1775, Rt.68 & N.Shawnee Rd., Maysville (monument)

-MASON, Washington Baptist Church & Cemetary 1889, Rt.68, Old Washington *site of Limestone Baptist Church 1785,rebuilt 1980,Rev.William Wood Arthur Fox bought land from Simon Kenton (church,cemetary)

OHIO: 18

-CHAMPAIGN, Oak Dale Cemetary, Rt.54, Urbana, Urbana Twp. *Simon Kenton's grave,Simon Kenton is mentioned on Col. William Ward's grave plaque also (gravestone,monument,statue,historical markers)

-CLARK, Simon Kenton House Site, Springfield-Urbana Rd./Rt.68, Moorefield Twp. (historical plaque)

=ERIE/LORAIN, Simon Kenton Rock 1784, Ritter Public Library, 5680 Liberty Ave. Vermillion, Vermillion/Brownhelm Twps. *discovered 1936 @ Herman Rossman Farm in Darrow,moved 1965/70 (rock)

=HARDIN, Sullivan-Johnson Museum, 223 N.Main St., Kenton, Buck Twp. *Simon Kenton's blanket woven by wife Elizabeth & daughter Sarah (display)

-GREENE, Little Miami River 1780-1782, Constitution Park, Rt.725 & Main St., Spring Valley, Spring Valley Twp. *Little Miami River 1780 & 1782 Gen. George Rogers Clark's Militia guided by Simon Kenton & Daniel Boone crossed here (historical marker)

-GREENE, Old Chillicothe Site, 1575 Rt.68N, Old Town, Xenia TWP. *Simon Kenton ran gauntlet 1778 *along with other markers (stone monument)

-GREENE, Simon Kenton's Gantlet 1778 & The Bullskin Trace, Rt.68N, Old Town, Xenia Twp. *along with other markers,the trace joined Kenton's with others (historical markers)

-GREENE, Simon Kenton Trace, Rt.72 & Water St., Clifton, Miami Twp. (sign)

-GREENE, To Commemorate Pioneer Achievements & Historical Events Which Occurred Here, Reeve's Farm, 3970 Wolford Rd., Cedarville Twp. *Simon Kenton Trail listed (monument)

+LOGAN, Historic Logan County, C.R.10, Bellfontaine, Harrison Twp. *Issac Zane-Simon Kenton Monument & Simon Kenton Grave listed (historical marker)

+LOGAN, Issac Zane-Simon Kenton Monument, Rd.5/Bristol Ridge Pk. & C.R.153, Zanesfield, Jefferson Twp. (monument)

+LOGAN, Mack-A-Cheek Town, Rts.47 & 245, Monroe Twp. *Simon Kenton ran gauntlet 1778,Squaw Rock is 100 yds. north (historical marker)

+LOGAN, Mt. Tabor Church *where Simon Kenton attended (church) -LOGAN, Zane-Shawnee Caverns, Rt.540, Jefferson Twp. *Simon Kenton cabin (replica)

-LOGAN, Helen Wonders Blue Memorial Park, Rd.5/Bristol Ridge Pk. & Sandusky St., Zanesfield, Jefferson Twp. *Simon Kenton cabin 1818-1828,moved (restored)

-LOGAN, Simon Kenton House Site 1819-1828 & Stone Barn 1819, 4746 C.R.153/ Coulmbus Rd., Zanesfield, Jefferson Twp. *barn built of stone from nearby British fort (historical marker,barn)

-LOGAN, Parkinson Farm, Rt.533, New Jerusalem, Jefferson Twp. *Simon Kenton's original grave 1836 & cabin cornerstone (historical plaque,cabin stone)

+LOGAN, Wapatomica, Rds.5 & 9, Jefferson Twp. *Simon Kenton ran gauntlet 1778 (historical marker)


+PRINCE WILLIAM, Simon Kenton's Birthplace Site 1755, Rts.234 & 15, Hopewell Gap (historical marker)

MARKERS NOW GONE: 3 (not in total)

+LOGAN CO., OHIO: Shawnee Vilage Old Town, Stony Creek, Pleasant/Miami/ Union Twp. *1806 Indian uprising averted by Simon Kenton (historical marker)

+LOGAN CO., OHIO: Simon Kenton's Farm, Rds.2,5,& 25, Jefferson Twp. *2 miles north was last home & farm (historical marker)

+LOGAN CO., OHIO: Solomon Town, Rt.39, McArthur/Richlan Twp. *Simon Girty's headquarters, where Simon Kenton was brought in 1778 after Girty saved his life (historical marker (side 1) (side 2))

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