The Longrifles of Western Pennsylvania : Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties; Richard F. Rosenberger, et al; Hardcover; $54.00

Recreating the American Longrifle; William Buchele, et al; Paperback (Publisher Out Of Stock)

Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in Its Golden Age; Joe, Jr. Kindig; Hardcover; $85.00 (Back Ordered)

The Bedford County rifle and its makers; Calvin Hetrick; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Fifteen years in the Hawken Lode; John D. Baird; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

The Kentucky rifle; Merrill Lindsay; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

The long rifle; Robert Lagemann; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Longrifles of note; George Shumway; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Marksmanship,; Gary L., Anderson; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Pennsylvania rifle; Samuel E. Dyke; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Recreating the Kentucky rifle; William Buchele; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Target rifle shooting; Edmund George Barton Reynolds; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Target Rifle Shooting; Edmund George Barton. Reynolds; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Muzzleloading (Hunting & Fishing Library); Toby Bridges; Hardcover (Not Yet Published)

The Compleat Muzzleloader; L. Gordon Stetser; Paperback (Hard to Find)

Muzzleloader hunting; Mike Strandlund; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

The Muzzleloading Hunter; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The Muzzleloading Hunter : Being a Complete Guide for the Black Powder Sportsman; Rick Hacker; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

The gun 1834; William Greener; Unknown Binding (Hard to Find)

Gun and Its Development; W.W. Greener; Hardcover (Hard to Find)

Green Hills of Africa; by Ernest Hemingway

The Indian Tipi; by Reginald & Gladys Laubin

Coming Soon!

Theodore Roosevelt..African Game Trails. Also check out, Wilderness
Hunter, which has an interesting story on a possible Sasquatch
encounter by two beaver trappers.

Robert Ruark...Horn Of The Hunter, The Honeybadger, Use Enough Gun,
and Uhuru! Classic Africa at it's best!!

Peter Hathaway Capstick...the 4 volume, Death In The "_____", series,
Maneaters, and 5 or 6 more!! The undisputed master of the hunting
story! The tales of hunting dangerous game with muzzleloaders, (4
bore!!!), in the early 1800's are enough to give you the

Vin T. Sarano...The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told. An anthology
of classic and contemporary writers, with plenty of humor mixed in.

Franklin Russell...The Hunting Animal. The various narritives are an
inquiry into the dialectic nature of predatory instincts found in both
man and beast.

Aldo Leopold...Sand County Almanac and Round River. Excellent reading
for the conservationist, either rural or urban. Gives significant
insight into the theoretical and mystical presence of, "Wilderness".

John Madsen...Stories From Under The Sky and Where The Sky Began.
These are anthologies of the Tall-grass Prairie and run the gamut from
the ageless past to the mechanized present. Sprinkled throughout with
dry mid-western wit.

Farley Mowat...Anything written by this man is extraordinary!! There
are more than a dozen titles in print, but be sure to find, The
Snowwalker. Snowwalker is another anthology, and I believe it contains
the short story entitled, The Blood In Their Veins. Find this story
and read it at all costs!!!

Peter Matthiessen...Wildlife In America, Indian Country, and In The
Spirit Of Crazy Horse. Ever heard of the Sea Mink?? Read about it in
Wildlife!! Indian Country is yet another anthology covering the 20th
century transgressions of Native American lands. Thought provoking!!!
The FBI filed suit in Federal court to block the publication and
distribution of Crazy Horse....they lost!! (smile) Crazy Horse is a
documentary of the 1975 incident at Oglala on the Pine Ridge
Reservation in South Dakota. It is written from the Native American
view-point. A must read for anyone concerned with the increasing
abuses of Federal agencies.

Peter C. Newman...Company Of Adventurers, Caesars Of The Wilderness,
and Merchant Princes. A trilogy of the historical facts, foibles, and
ramifications concerning the rise of the Hudson's Bay Company and the
fur trade in North America. Excellent reference works and a heck-of-a
good read!! Many quotes from archives, journals, diaries, and HBC
ledgers. The fur-trade was a significant factor in the formation of
America as an independant country. The HBC "WAS" the fur-trade in
North America's infancy, and it behooves us to know more than a little
about it.

Well talking about moving in species I would be willing to start
exporting prairie dogs to some other states. They are a great target
and are really acrobatic when they get hit!

Have you ever read Jim Corbett's books? He was a professional
"man eater" hunter in Africa and Indian.

"Use Enough Gun" and "Horn of the Hunter" by Robert Ruark

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